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    Free (NO ADs) - Cixx6 Hosting [20gb/200gb/ssh/cpanel & more]

    Hello everyone, Here is my little presentation about my free web hosting services. We have been around for 7 months now and we expect to be there for a long time since I really enjoy this business and it goes really good. People loves our services and stay with us, because we offer great...
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    WpKiwi - A free wordpress template (for your portfolio)

    Hello, A few days ago I released this free template on my website for free. I had this templates for months but never used it. So yea, i'm giving it to you too for free, you can do whatever you want with it except selling it. Template preview : Download ...
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    PHPBB Forums

    PhpBB is the best free forums, but not for professionnal business. Why? Because its features are not enough deep to handle a big forums (i'm talking here with more than 500 members online at a time). If you get that amount of people i'd go personnally for IPB or vBulletin.
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    Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

    Why I love Gmail more than Hotmail? Because gmail is faster. Because you have bigger space for your emails, bigger file attachement, customizable interface, easy to integrate with any email clients including mobiles ones.
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    Bad news for free hosting providers.

    I agree with that decision, since those co.cc domains are not verifiable and are mostly from spammers.
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    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    also Also you can provide affiliates links for related products such as paid scripts or dedicated servers. Use your brain to make things easier for any webmaster :)
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    Working hour per day

    hi Hello, I'm kinda a fast worker, so between 2-3hours a day, 7 days a week.
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    Anyone tried FireFox 5 yet?

    Firefox was and is always known for its memory leak problems. It is a great browser so far and the one I am using daily but I can't find any good reason not to move on to chrome.. Even if I like Firefox 6 I think I will.
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    Hello everyone, I'm not a newbie from this community, I have been around for a few months and I have decided to join forums. I'm also struggleing getting answers or feedback or me getting in this website`s free web host. So yeah. hello!