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  1. krakjoe

    Sii---x Hundred!

    Congrats ;) I come and answer questions whenever I see one that needs an answer and I have the time ... /me awaits flappy bird forum ...
  2. krakjoe

    SSH2 + php 5.4

    The module has been compiled for 5.3 and you are trying to load in 5.4 It is likely the case that you have two installations of php on your system, when you configure the pecl module you must pass the configuration option --with-php-config=/path/to/php-config /path/to/php-config should be...
  3. krakjoe

    WordPress errors

    First, you have a permissions problem, this is likely brought about by a change in the "web" or "nobody" username by the package maintainers. That needs resolving: "permission denied". Second, and rather obscurely, you appear to have multiple versions of PCRE installed on your system and your...
  4. krakjoe

    I'm back.

    w00t w00t :D
  5. krakjoe


    I haven't had any personal projects of my own since my days on FWS way back ... end of last year I had a break from work and decided I would have a project of my own: I have spent the last three years writing backend software in Java .... I hate java ... I think we all know, I love php, I think...
  6. krakjoe

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I'm fatter now, that counts as a change, my girlfriend tells me all the time ... as do most of my clothes ...
  7. krakjoe


    holy dashes indeed :D @deanhills, this was my grandmothers name, I wear it proudly !!
  8. krakjoe

    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    I have the internet built into my left eye, and backup in right ear, obviously ... No but seriously, computer, 2x23inch screens ... I have a tablet, I think I might have even turned it on last month one time, and my phone is about but barely used, why would I struggle to stare at a tiny screen...
  9. krakjoe

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I was abducted, it was horrible, I managed, over the many years to train a chicken I had befriended, named Goose, to craft ladders from bark pecked from local trees ... I think that explains everything ....
  10. krakjoe

    IMAP account into personal folder for outlook 2007

    By any reasonable means, you cannot do that on a version of Outlook that old. There may be a means, but you may well loose all your email in the process of trying them. I had a quick google and found that 2010 is supposed to have some improvements related to IMAP & filters|folders, so an upgrade...
  11. krakjoe

    publish asp.net web service on dedicated server?

    You do not need a Microsoft operating system. Mono is an opensource implementation of the .NET framework: http://www.mono-project.com/FAQ:_ASP.NET That'll be the best starting place for you.
  12. krakjoe

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I dunno if you're seeing things ... apparently, I know a girl with donkey ears :D
  13. krakjoe

    Few questions regarding your PHP setup

    Bit of research ... Questions aimed at shared hosting providers ... What versions of PHP are available for your users ?? What memory and time limit settings do you have ?? What SAPI do your services use ? Is it normal today for hosts to disable program execution in PHP ?? What about a...
  14. krakjoe

    Superfish Menu Problem

    Yes, I did want to fix my website, perhaps a holiday will do it ... funny ...
  15. krakjoe

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I command you to grow, by exactly one post !
  16. krakjoe


    Hi chaps, hows life treating you ?? I am researching a project and came across some old postings, thought I'd say hello :)
  17. krakjoe

    Help with editing program

    It's compiled, it cannot be edited in that way. The most you might be able to do is change aspects of the interface, but adding new code is absolutely out of the question.
  18. krakjoe


    OMG: the only evangelist around here is you stuff. That image is quite clearly meant to be a joke, to diffuse a heated discussion. It's not a challenge that needs a response, it's a joke. For someone who can't stop talking about how his religion is being bashed, you do a fair amount of bashing...
  19. krakjoe


    I can honestly say I have never wondered that, it seems redundant for me. I suppose you could view it as advanced, but flawed at the same time - there are places on earth humans perish in seconds if they aren't properly clothed and protected from nature, but plants have managed to evolve and...
  20. krakjoe


    Is that an excuse ?? So you know it's wrong, and you know why it's wrong and how it's come about, but because you know all those things it's excusable ... You're right in what you're saying, but you shouldn't have used it as a reason, it's not reasonable. If you're going to hate something...