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  1. ksb

    Social Blogging for Conservatives!

    Come join on over and let your voice be heard on the important issues of American Politics without the liberal craziness. Patriotic Voices is a social media site for conservatives by conservatives. You don't need to be a major watcher of politics to get your voice heard, just start blogging...
  2. ksb

    Free Blog Hosting (Instant Activation!)

    Free Wordpress Blog/Site Hosting @ http://www.BlogDepot.org! Every sign up gets: 150 MB Space Unlimited Bandwidth Wordpress automatically installed Free Subdomain Support forums Access to 100+ preinstalled Plugins. Access to 100+ preinstalled theme Need more space? You can upgrade for...
  3. ksb

    NEED , a host for private BT tracker

    You should probably elaborate on the term "asian stuffs".......
  4. ksb

    Help Finding Gallery Script

    Thanks guys. Hold off on this request please! I might have found something I can use. ...and why would you need to see the location of a file joe? Did you see the examples I posted, it is the exact same deal.
  5. ksb

    Help Finding Gallery Script

    nope. I barely know how to edit html
  6. ksb

    Help Finding Gallery Script

    Yep I saw that one, but it's not what I need. I need something like what I listed. Trust me Colin I read it before I posted this one ^^
  7. ksb

    Help Finding Gallery Script

    Hello! Been a while since I was here :P Can anyone help me find a image gallery good for displaying Manga Chapters? Something like this one hopefully: http://www.onemanga.com/directory/ http://www.onemanga.com/D.Gray-Man/138/
  8. ksb

    Free File Hosting - Hotlinking allowed - 5gb Space - 7gb bandwidth

    Sounds good except for the 10mb file limit. Can that be upped to a more reasonable amount? 20-40 mb maybe?
  9. ksb

    Free Hosting: 200MB/2GB/CPanel/Fantastico/SiteBuilder/NoAds - Websites Network

    Sounds like a nice place to build my new site. I always start out building the sites on free hosts first. Thanks.
  10. ksb

    FWS Theme?

    Peo....I have to commend you on this awesome skin for FWS. It's like a new forum! It looks absolutely great!!
  11. ksb

    DDoS Attack

    Whoo FWS is back!! I was worried for a bit XD
  12. ksb

    Help with MySQL Tables

    Hey guys, Im trying to install the tables to Joomla and Vbulletin on one MySQL database but I don't know how. I keep ending up deleting one program with the other, I've been going in circles all day with this! :tired2: Anyone know how I can do this???
  13. ksb

    Joomla, or Mambo?

    Mambo is what Joomla was designed upon. You could call Mambo as Joomla's predecessor. Mambo isn't being updated anymore but Joomla is so I strongly reccomend Joomla.
  14. ksb

    AnimeTower - Free Anime Downloads!

    ANIME TOWER! Anime Tower is one of the newest and greatest sites on the anime block! We offer anime series, movies, music, wallpapers, and Manga directly off our server. It's true direct downloading!! No megaupload/rapidshare /ect. Just pure AnimeTower!! We have an awesome community thats...
  15. ksb

    Download Limits for PAFILEDB

    once again.....anyone.....or should i just give up =)
  16. ksb

    Download Limits for PAFILEDB

    this should be it, its download.php in the includes folder. Sorry about the other one :X <?php /*************************************************************** * paFileDB 3.6 * *...
  17. ksb

    Download Limits for PAFILEDB

  18. ksb

    Download Limits for PAFILEDB

    here is the index.php <?php /*************************************************************** * paFileDB 3.6 * * * * Author: PHP Arena <http://www.phparena.net> *...
  19. ksb

    Download Limits for PAFILEDB

    Anyone know how to make it possible for PAFileDB Download Program to check IP's and only allow the user of that IP a certain amount of downloads per day?? I need to find a way to preserve bandwith so any help would be awesome ((alternatively if anyone has anyother sort of ideas for this...
  20. ksb

    How to Merge Databases in PHPMyAdmin?

    Hey guys I need some help I'm trying to merge a SMF Forum and a Joomla CMS. The bridge keeps failing because the two databases don't have access to each other. Keep in mind I don't have cpanel and im hosted at servage. Servage support tells me it can't be...