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    I need better hosting

    Would you be interested in sharing a reseller package? M
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    I need better hosting

    Try putting your site in php, I got a phpBB running on lycos and there's never banners over the php pages...:) I also notices javascipt stays on top of the lycos banner too.. Here's the proof: http://www.theweblog.tk/ Oh, and feel free to post some messages... It's still a bit...
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    Need host ( of course )

    That miniBB is pretty nice! I think all those features are not being used much anyway. People like to post and read messages, that's all. M
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    paypal/cheque payment option

    Ok, I'll add my question to this one as it's quite similar... Anyone have cheap small reseller package I can buy with paypal? I want all features of a reseller accouint, but I won't need much space/bandwidth. Thanks Mike
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    ANyone who accepts paypal also and got this?

    Winnie, Yeah, it looks like you can accept direct creditcard transactions... But I'm not sure, could also be that the person has to get a paypal account first, it might only look as if it's processed directly... M
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    [Thread Closed] Anybody in need of hosting?

    Oehhhhhhhh That would be nice!!! I'm gonna pm you too..:) M
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    Special 20 Gig data transfer...12.95/month....NOT COGENT

    50% discount on reseller plans too? :) M
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    1 Lucky Person

    I will use it to make other people happy too. If possible I'll give have of the bandwidth and storage to someone else and use the other half to host my family website which recently gor dumped from ultrabit.com freehosting. So basically, I'm going to keep up the good spirit of doing...
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    Adult host

    What's the url of rs hosting? Mike
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    Very reliable and relatively cheap...

    I sent my icq number!!! M
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    Anyone want to share webspace?

    Hi, I'm seriously thinking of getting a reseller package at myacen.com That allows me to give you a full featured account, won't be any visible difference from their normal accounts, you get a cpanel yoursself. We could discuss the amount of storage and transfer you get.... I will give...
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    Very reliable and relatively cheap...

    Isn't there some chat on irc or so where I can talk to people from hosting companies...????? Mike
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    Very reliable and relatively cheap...

    OK, Can I resell through myacen? And how many domain names can I get added to dns and pointing to my webspace? M
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    Very reliable and relatively cheap...

    What's happening, you guys can't promote here? Well, maybe a link to a webpage with very reliable info on these sort of webhost companies would do too.... M
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    Very reliable and relatively cheap...

    Hi, I'm looking for a hosting company (if possible in Europe) that has been around for long and has very good records. I want cpanel, unlimited pop3/subdomains and preferably the possibility to resell some part of it..(dns server changes) Reliability is most important but it shouldn't...
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    Need free host with one Huge testomony script!

    Hi, This one might get quite some attention by A LOT OF people... I need it quickly.. Thanks M
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    Webhosting with email service for my family?

    Not too much... But I will need help setting up a script like that... People, come on... Make me an offer I can't refusse! :) M
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    Webhosting with email service for my family?

    OK, last try.... Still no suitable offer. Is my questions so hard to understand? M
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    Webhosting with email service for my family?

    Well, Cpanel is absolutely not enough! That won't integrate pop3 and web access plus I'm the only one who can set passwords... Oh, and forgot to mention, I only wanna pay for it if the hosting company is very reliable, doesn't promise things they can't keep up and has been out there for...
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    Webhosting with email service for my family?

    Hi, Currently I use evryone.net to give my family members the opertunity to get themselves a nice email as in firstname@lastname.com.... However, everyone.net starts putting more and more banners evrywhere and now even have that terrible GAIN company provide them with spyware garbage...