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    Hello People

    Thanks everyone for wishing me a welcome :)
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    Good Day to All

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    reviews on the website

    Surely, placing them speaks for your performance and how you are dealing with customers and it's a sure thing to build trust with new customers
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    offshore hosting is considered to get hosting in a country in which you don't have to comply with internet laws, hosting in UK isn't offshore, getting hosting in Malaysia is offshore though
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    The first name you registered?

    lolkims.com in 2006! old times, i still remember :cool2:
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    Register.com $2 domain name!

    register.com is always a good domain provider for me, so thanks for the coupon, it work :)
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    how and where do you find your partner?

    try finding some affiliate companies such as clickbank.com, cj.com or use networks like google adsense adbrite, adsell etc, the list is huge but what's your main preference?
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    On-page Techniques?

    having an good eye catching title, along with simple tips such as using bold1 bold2 tags, head title tags, a bit of keyword density and a unique content will work but again think, you are creating content for the people not for search engines, target people, not robots!
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    Methods of natural link building

    You can use social media websites such as facebook, then web2.0 properties such as Digg.com, Hubpages etc, create youtube videos with your links
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    SEO dead or alive

    I can still see year's of scope in the search engine optimization industry, its not gonna end soon
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    Search Engines or people?

    Sites are build for people but people have to search sites through search engines :P
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    one advantage of having .free domain is for those who give freebies or freeaways, such as free softwares, free apps, free games and free ebooks etc! .free will have its own benefits
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    Hello Everyone

    welcome to the forum :)
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    welcome mate
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    Hello People

    I'm new to this forum, expecting a warm welcome from everyone :)
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    Hi Friends

    Welcome mate :)