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    Where are the good guys?

    Blame it on the scriptkiddies who distribute and share "phishing" scripts so that anyone can troll and try to steal Twitter/Facebook/Bank passwords.
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    A lot of people are looking for hosts that offer unrealistic limits like 1gb of disk space, which they'll never be able to use because most hosts don't allow file or video hosting. It's highly unlikely a user will ever use that much space with just css/javascript/html/php/image files. The more...
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    The Cheapest Web Hosting Service

    Cheapest hosting? I've seen ones for $1 a month. Not sure how well the uptime is but they tend to disappear. Cheapest I've seen is hostgator at about 99cent for first month. Also dreamhost has some coupon codes for first year at like $2-3.
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    Free CPanel / WHM Resellers! No Posting! Unlimited Domains! Overselling OK! 99.9% UT!

    tried signing up and got rejected as well, apparently North Americans are considered too high a risk.
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    you guys still alive or is host4you closed down?

    you guys still alive or is host4you closed down?
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    layeredpanel hosts!

    I know quite a few people still running layered panel - and it's not dried up by a long shot. It's honestly one of the easiest ways to get a high ranking domain (alexa and backlinks). The initial cost is the biggest factor, it's about $300 + cost of dedicated server. But if you take time to...
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    T35 Removes Pop-up Ads

    The problem I have with unlimited is that it's more of a marketing gimmick then anything else. Let's assume that you have a lot of hd space, even though you're giving users unlimited space on a drive with finite space - you assume that users won't ever use more then say 100mb. And in most cases...
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    Force ads on user pages

    well you can set an htaccess file that will automatically include a file, from the root directory of the server which would have your ad codes. Always remember to include your ad code at the bottom of a page, if you put it at the top you may kill your own host because a lot of scripts will...
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    Free Ruby on Rails Hosting

    Name: Streak Contact Information: PM Me for further info. Why you should be hosted: I don't know? If you have an existing site: n/a -see plan: Plan: Really I'm just interested in Ruby on Rails, I've heard a lot about it but would just like to test it out and try to see if I can build...
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    GoodAddress.EU - 500MB,5GB,PHP5,MySQL, no ads & no post2host. Hosted in the EU.

    You don't allow .js or .css files. :confused4
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    Possibly the BEST Offer in FREE Hosting!

    here it is, not bad hosting BUT it looks like a custom hosting panel. doesn't seem to have any ftp support, or at least there's no mention of it. php is not supported. no domain support. If you're looking for just basic hosting of html/images/etc this should be perfect - there's no ads...
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    Paid account for free for life for the biggest laugh!

    it's called laughing yoga...form of meditation based on the principle that laughter is the best medicine, somewhat true - but it's the way the guy does it that makes it hilarious. I've seen it so many times and it's still funny.. I take it you didn't laugh at that ...:eek2:
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    Free Hosting. 300MB Space. 10GB Transfer. Proxys Allowed. Only Google Ads

    that's because fsockopen is disabled, so a proxy wouldn't work anyways. Unless of course you have a custom configuration then it would work.
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    5-10mb I think. It's got a lot of features but you can only use conventional domains like .com, .net, .org, .co.uk, etc smaller ones like .tc don't seem to work, and you can't use afraid.org subdomains. But it's still a damn good host if you can put up with popup ads.
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    Joolo Dead?

    http://www.joolo.com/login.jsp says failed to login error in the php / jsp file?
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    Paid account for free for life for the biggest laugh!

    here goes, I'll start from least funniest to insane if you don't laugh (ps: I hate slapstick so you won't be saying anything like that) 1) What do you call cheese that's not yours? Nacho Cheese (not-your cheese) 2) Two pretzels were walking down the road, and one was unsalted (assaulted)...
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    Whats the most popular, Free Hosting or Proxies?

    porn is no longer the most popular thing on the Internet, it's actually social networks and YouTube. Video hosts + Social Networks that's where the traffic is. If you can add in porn to that, then you're all the better ..so Video Host + Social Network + Porn = Video Porn Social Network *hot*
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    Joolo Dead?

    DNS doesn't work and it's not only slow, but the Joolo homepage doesn't even work. You can't login anymore.
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    I have to say I've tried this host before and they're very good. Nice fast servers, basically unlimited bandwidth and unlike other hosts everything works. However, there's no htaccess (not a big deal) and the only problem is they have paypopups (opens 1 every 30 mins). The only real problem...