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    short term adult hosting needed

    Hi i'm looking for short term hosting for an adult tube site, could be as little as a week to upto a month, its just to set a site up that a friend is trying to sell but the interested people want to see it setup and running its been offline for a couple of months so might not get mainy...
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    help with website error

    I'm getting this error when trying to access the members are of my site, it only happens when the correct password is put in (wrong password directs to password retraval) Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at...
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    Free cpanel host,

    hello i'm looking for reliable free host, cpanel, able to host 4 domains (i main and 3 add ons) the 3 add on domains are just small simple pages advertising the domains for sale, but may be moved to host sites later depending on what the owner (my friend) decided to do with them main...
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    anywhere to trade domain names?

    thanks i'll give that a go, i register the domains for him (only one with a creditcard) and it just drives me crazy going on to the sites and seeing his unused domains, i know the names dont look usefull for much but whats useless to one person can be what another desperately needs, i know i've...
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    anywhere to trade domain names?

    the original idea is to just go ahead and register another domain, i just thought there might be somewhere that has the option to trade domains like there is to sell them, incase anyone is interested in the names that still have time to go before they could register them, this guy goes...
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    anywhere to trade domain names?

    hi is there anywhere that you can trade domain names? my friend has 3 that he no longer uses (facebookgamez.co.uk, sheahost.co.uk and sheassecret.co.uk) he;s wanting to start a new site with a .co.uk domain, i was thinking there might be somewhere that he could trade these names for...
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    short term free hosting, maybe leading to paid

    hi i'm looking for short term free hosting (around 24 hours maybe less) to set up a tube ace script, my friend is looking to do a youtube style site, he wants to see the tubeace script working and test it out for a while before decideing if he wants to go ahead, while the site is up it...
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    adult host with ffmpeg needed

    sorry for the long time in replying, been in the process of relocation to the US, i had made a decision with deeplist at Decker Services and hopefully will be able to pick up the project again with him now i can make contact again
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    adult host with ffmpeg needed

    hi i have a newly started adult tube site that i am looking for a new host for, i'm having problems with ffmpeg going down on my current host and this is needed to be working all the time i currently get 5000 MB space 15000 MB bandwidth for $3.20 a month and am nowere near...
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    free host needed

    to answer a couple of the questions, i dont offer hosting, i was advertising the hosting to help out a friends hosting project and the admin of this forum for some reason decided to murge all the accounts into one because we logged into the accounts from the same computer, the site i'm...
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    free host needed

    hi i am in need of a host for an online store i'm not sure of the traffic (pretty low as its new) it needs atleast 355MB of space, needs to be cpanel as the site is saved as a backup that would need installing on the host's end thank you
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    Cheap adult cpanel hosting, with ffmeg

    Adult hosting with ffmeg, All plans come with latest cpanel RAID protected storage space Fantastico Daily backups 24/7 support 30 day money back guarantee and much more you can see the full specs here http://www.sheahost.co.uk/hosting Basic plan 1GB disk space 5GB bandwidth 5...
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    adult hosting with ffmpeg needed for tubesite

    back on the look out for this, hosting must have ffmeg installed and working, signed up with far too many hosts that have said it was and refused to admit it wasn;'t when it's obviously not there
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    adult hosting with ffmpeg needed for tubesite

    hi, yes all materials are legal
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    My cat does all these, could always tell from the look of it it was planning something lol
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    What are you listening to?

    My immortal by evanescence
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    looking for hosting

    hi i'm looking for hosting for a friends website (i normally add him to hosting on my paid accounts but i'm having trouble with mine so want to set him up on free) looking for something along tghe lines of 300 mb of space 10 - 15 gb bandwith with cpanel the option to upgrade...
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    adult hosting with ffmpeg needed for tubesite

    sorry i did mean to say i would be willing to pay more (i know that price from my old host was too little for too much and thats why they didn't stay around long) i've tried vps in the past and never could figure out how to work them, i know these scripts have no problems running on normal...
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    adult hosting needed

    hosting is now worked out for this, thank you to all for your offers
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    adult hosting with ffmpeg needed for tubesite

    hello i am looking for a new host for my adult tube site, must have ffmpeg installed i use the tubeace script (legally purchased) the script server requirements are Apache UNIX Web Server PHP 4.2 + MySQL 4.1.2+ GD 2* Cron Jobs* IonCube Loader FFmpeg i was on a host that gave...