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    30 dollars/year

    SolidInternet.com I am a client and love the great uptime and features.
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    host needed - requirements

    I would reccomend Myacen. Check them out at http://www.myacen.com .
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    New Host Needed

    I called them and asked a while ago when I was considering using them. The guy said they have Colbalt.
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    last help guyz

    I really don't know, that doesn't make sense. Watch out for them though, since they provide Unlimited Disk Space in the Pro package and unlimited is looked down on
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    last help guyz

    The lite Account on SurpassHosting looks OK, but I don't know anything about them. How about InvisionHost.com, they look pretty good and have great prices.
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    last help guyz

    You might want to try DixieSys ( http://dixiesys.com ). They have a $3.95 plan that might suit you. I would derfinately take a look at it. I am at Myacen ( http://myacen.com ) right now and I would definately reccomend them. Support and uptime is great. They are probably out of your...
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    Changing domains

    It could take around 30-45 days for the domain to become available to register again after the expiration date. When it becomes available you can just go to Godaddy and register it there. You have to know though, that by doing this, you risk losing the name.
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    Pizza, naked porn stars and a 10 dollar bill.

    Great story, I can't wait to read more.
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    Review My Personal Site

    The goal was to have any easy navigation system. I am going to add the omph you talk about when I get the knowledge. I am going to start learning some cool Photoshop stuff soon.
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    Needed: 20 Mb or more, FTP, no ads, 700 kB file size limit

    TBNS could match your needs. Did you look into I will Lycos UK ? Those two might help your search. I will post any more if I think of them.
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    Yo I'm back!!!!!! And I got a question

    No problem and good luck. :)
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    Yo I'm back!!!!!! And I got a question

    They store information like your login and password for certain sites so you don't have to log in every time you re-visit that site. That is not their only use, but that is their use on this site.
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    Yo I'm back!!!!!! And I got a question

    These are for PC versions of IE. Go to tools Click Internet Options Go to the Privacy tab Select the desired setting As long as it is not Block all Cookies, then you should be fine.
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    Yo I'm back!!!!!! And I got a question

    It depends. What browser and operating system are you using?
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    Review My Personal Site

    Any comments are appriciated. It is not quite done yet, but the basic design and everything is there. http://ialex.com
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    Image Gallery Script

    Another good one that is free would have to be Simple Picture Gallery Manager (SPGM). Their URL is http://spgm.sourceforge.net/?lg=us&id=download .
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    best image storage site for avatars?

    TBNS should do the just and is free.
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    us or .info $7.95 USD per year---reliable?

    Stargate is pretty good now, but they have had their problems in the past. I would reccomend Godaddy more though. If you need free DNS, then check out Mydomain or Zoneedit .
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    How many domain names do you have?

    I have around 10, but I might drop a few. I only use 4.
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    I think it is better to use your registars. They are very reliable, so if your host was ever down, you could foward your domain to a page that notified your site visitors of a problem instead of just having your domain come up iwth an error.