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    Hosting is Free! 50 MB / 5GB / CPanel 9

    ive been accepted there with my top level domain. i like the fact that this host has restrictions. makes you more accountible if your a user of these free services. to those that havent been accepted i try either try their forum or their contact link and explain why you dont have a isp email
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    www.Unlimited-Sql.Com Back!!!

    be careful of this site be careful of this site this site has spybot homepage jacker and will download and install new search engine and toolbar from dogpile.com mutiple popup and unders http://www.dogpile.com also this dogpile wont let you even open a new browser till you let it...
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    3 new free hosts at wht

    http://webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=142376found this link at wht Free Sponsored Hosting By Myself And These Great Sponors FIRST OFF I WANT TO THANK THE SPONSORS BELOW . They have provided free hosting to countless users that hopefully go pay with my great sponsors. THEY ALL...
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    Free unlimited and forever! [If you transfer/purchase domain for $10.30]

    thier plans change daily thier plans change daily almost. i would have to wait till they become more stable even at free.also they could make sub-domains with whm and still give users the cpanel and reguire a banner as a example-= users.hosting-pp.com but for domain option should be...
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    Too much free forever!

    you do get a pd domain at 10.30 you do get a pd domain at 10.30, unless they hack your cc number. than the worst off you are is 50.00 and they more than likely end up in some bighouse where a guy named bubba be thier best friend,lol..., the worst off you are is your out hosting but you own the...
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    cheap hosting?

    ive used them since last fall and overall they been pretty good. some features you have to asked to be enabled. 1.down once 2. cgi-bin problems but they fixed them pretty quick 3.positive they do answers mail pretty quick,uptime been good. overall a good reliable host.
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    Too much free forever!

    down already put this url in http://www.hosting-pp.com/support.htm now you get this one http://www.gamesec.com/error_docs/not_found.html put this in and the domain for sale http://www.gamesec.com they grew to quick and died of old age
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    $20 for 1 year

    if i remember right its say cgi enabled and not in just the main user area as a side note. my last request you fix it first on jan 30th after your server went down. so its been more than a few days. i thought ive been pretty patient. i went thru my mail with you and even back on...
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    $20 for 1 year

    heard the service been bad heard the service been bad with this host lately, is that true. email goes unanswereed thru support tickets or to mbennent
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    there a few from viet nam at breezeland and as far as blocking ips, far as i know they havnt you just login into cpanel using :2082 to get beyond the firewall in vietnam
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    Can anyone host me? need urgently!

    take a look here http://freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40152 70 gig of bw to high traffic sites
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    100megs 4 gigs bw 2 data bases cpanel ftp no ads on your pages etc etc i go read at the forum first , helps getting around registering a subdomain http://forum.breezeland.com than signup here http://breezeland.com
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    Needed : Free Host with no ads/banners and File Upload

    they might have ip blocking jan with a redirect heres one thats should do you 11 megs browser uploads only http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/index1.html
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    you dont get any subdomains under your domain. one domain . one ftp account for that domain. but people been signing up for breezeland using name.breezeland.com. those are the subdomains your wondering about. also seems like any dynamic-dns free services are working like uni.cc
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    Clean FWP for Small Personal Site Needed

    Homepage-Host 10 megs browseruploads no ads http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/index1.html they get pretty good reviews here where i found them http://free-webhosts.com/reviews/Homepage-Host.php
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    i need a basic host with these specs

    breezeland.com 100 megs/4gigsbw 1 meg upload limit/no adds on your pages but you do have to click on them at thier mainsite thruout the month after you log in. well worth it if your not lazy
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    php and mysql and ftp

    http://breezeland.com 100 megs, cpanel, 2 databases,ftp i go to thier support forum on how to signup if you dontown a domain, there info on how to use a sub-domain there that isnt on thier main page http://forum.breezeland.com
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    Need help with Breezeland...

    that site is up your site working\ http://www.webhouse.breezeland.com/
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    New Host-100mb space, "unlim. transfer", etc.

    nothing wrong with muttle overall just that i just thought thru the wording it was
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    the 'basic host'

    http://www.homepage-host.uni.cc/index1.html been a pretty good host for me basic browserupload 20 files at a time and no ads off thier page WELCOME ALL HERES 10 MEGS OF AD-FREE WEB-HOSTING ON YOUR PAGES! EASY BROWSER LOADING SIMPLE PAGE MAKER WITH ADDITIONAL RESOURCES. FORUM SUPPORT...