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    * SUMMER SALES! * 1GB HDD 15GB BW @ $1.25/mth ONLY! Coupon Code inside!

    Rageki Web Hosting provides both budget and quality web hosting for all your needs. All of our shared and reseller packages are set up INSTANTLY once payment is received. Here are the Top 3 HOTTEST plan: RS-1 (Shared) Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 15GB Features: 25 each Monthly: $1.25...
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    Looking for 500MB Space & 20GB B/W packages

    Hello cyberdog. Rageki Web Hosting can offer you this, hope you are interested in this offer: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 15GB Features: 25 each - including 25 addon domains! Panel: DirectAdmin Emails: Unlimited! Monthly: $1.25 Annually: $13.50 Moneyback Guarantee! For more...
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    a board, you mean forum? yes, there are many installers available free to use. Try myBB for a start :)
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    Hosted Exchange Stable and Reliable Provider

    also stated the package you are interested in :)
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    Cheap ($5 or less) reliable reseller needed

    Hello webb. Rageki Web Hosting would like to give you a reseller package within your budget. Please contact me if you need more help! Disk Space: 2GB Bandwidth: 30GB Features: 50 each Monthly: $3.50 only! Annually: $37.80 only! [save $4.20!!] In addition, you can use our coupon code...
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    BLOWOUT SALE! 1GB Space 15GB B/W @ $2 only! Reseller package @ $5/mth only!

    Rageki Web Hosting presents.. BLOWOUT SALE 2008 At Rageki Web Hosting, we present to you both budget and quality webhosting for ALL your needs! Here are some featured packages you might want to consider: Spark Shared Hosting Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 15GB Features: 15 each Monthly...
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    I need a Broadcasting Radio Station

    Good day DJAxE, You can email me personally with the shoutcast requirement you need. I can set up the shoutcast server for you on my private server. Email me at: cvnleong@gmail.com with the requirements :)
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    Question about VPS & Operating System

    say no to webmin, they mess up your stuffs! pirate2
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    Digital SLR, Anyone?

    LOL! Tell us how's your new camera, and show us some of the good shots you managed to get =D SLRs are suppose to be big, bulky and chunky.. so i won't mind if it looks real ugly!
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    what the hell when you couldn't got your data bak

    you can't blame anyone for that, it's a free hosting after all.. just got to be careful next time, do a weekly backup, or set a cronjob for backing up your datas. at least you learnt something =)
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    Cheap high bandwidth VPS

    wrong section, coduk ;\
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    Digital SLR, Anyone?

    I'd recommend Nikon SLRs, they have good lenses. :angel:
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    Best Media Player?

    you can download and install Media Player Classic to vista. google it~
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    Serious complaint about FWS...

    mine's shorter
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    Weekly Specials BLOWOUT Sale | Shared Hosting from $2 | 5GB Reseller from $5 !!

    Sorry. Rageki Web Hosting Solutions have changed the ordering system, hence the URL will be changed as well. Here's the updated links for the ordering package: Spark Shared Order Now! Spark Reseller Order Now! Our Weekly Reseller Specials! Order Now! Cheers!
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    Any good reseller plan offer? (need DirectAdmin)

    Hello wahyan, Rageki Web Hosting Solutions would like to offer you these plans to suit your budget. Click here for a list of plans you may be interested in. We use DirectAdmin for all our plans. You may also wish to get a customised reseller plan from us. Just contact me with the...
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    Turning off my vps

    yay! enjoy your sponsored VPS!
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    low cost Webhost review

    never tried before, but maybe you should try a month or two and see how's their support, and their uptime?
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    Weekly Specials BLOWOUT Sale | Shared Hosting from $2 | 5GB Reseller from $5 !!

    BLOWOUT Sale @ Rageki Web Hosting Solutions! In Rageki Web Hosting, we provide both budget and quality web hosting. Our web hosting servers are located in Toronto, Canada. We DO NOT oversell our services! Don't forget to look at our Weekly Specials too! This time, we are selling 4GB...
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    Data Centers in Asia

    I'd recommend Singapore's datacenters, however the prices aren't that cheap. :angel: