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    Subdomain My guess is .UNI.CC and *.* Sitelutions domains are both "subdomain" or, rather third level domains. So why accept one and reject the second one. My concern is there is no clue on how use the branding. Which zone records are affected (should we use A or CNAME)? Is it...
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    Anybody uses pipni.cz ?

    Vyborny (perfect) I've been using pipni since about 3 months, they are great and Czech! jfb
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    Free second-level domains?

    za.net Hello, za.net (and za.org, as well) is reserved to South Africans jfb
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    lookin for host with requests (free)

    3x.ro: Romanian language only The FAQ says: Pot realiza un site in alta limba? Nu. Numai site-urile in limba romana sunt acceptate. in my language (Occitan): Podi realizar un site dins una altra lenga ? Non. Sonque los sites en lenga romana son acceptats. in the Empire language...
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    Free second-level domains?

    freeweb org ru oops, they use portland, so beware the reliability... jfb
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    Free Domains im newbish

    .PP.RU As the proud owner of jfblanc.pp.ru, I may confirm pp.ru domains are free. JF BLANC
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    free domain host with minimal ads

    domain host If your domain is a second level one (yours.tld), you may use pipni.cz which is really good. By the way, if you've got money to purchase a .NU SLD, you may pay a cheap host like discount-hosting.com. JF B
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    Free Domains im newbish

    free domains Hello, What's in a domain? A domain is something for which you may define zone records, nameservers, mail exchanges and even redirections. Top level domains (TLDs) are .com .org (generic) .iq .us (country) Second level (SLDs) are you.tld. Third are you.sld.tld...
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    Free second-level domains?

    shorturl.com does not provide 3rd level domains Sharkbyte, Redirection is not domain. The question is which provider gives a free 3rd level domain (you.2ndlevel.toplevel). A domain is more than an URL: you may set up a web site, a mail server and so on. So shorturl.com is not about that...
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    DNS Hello, Just be sure your DNS server is up and running, and its refresh rate. JFB
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    To Jane Jane, The TOS look quite clean and with no severe constraint. The main terms are: the domain should be used (that is, point to an existing site). VEL.PL bears no responsability in case of hardware failure. Sorry, but I'm not so quick a translator. JF
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    Hi The message says your url has not been yet activated. My guess is you chosed Przekierowanie i aliasy (redirection) Informacje o www - information on your website Kategoria: category Tytu³: title Opis: description S³owa Kluczowe: keywords URL docelowy: TARGET URL -> YOU SHOULD...
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    Neni zac You're welcome!
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    Free second-level domains?

    SITELUTIONS or EU.ORG? Hello, It seems sitelutions.com (previously ontehweb.nu) offers such a service, but I have no clue on their reliability. A really free solution is EU.ORG. But applications are checked manually and may take some time (one or two months). A pleased be good and use it...
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    vel.pl one.pl and so on Hello, I confirm it's polish. They recently annexed the free ONE.PL. They provide really free third level domain names. The shortest are TO.PL VEL.PL SIE.PL. This means you may use your own DNS and do everything with your domain. And Polish is not so...
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    Redirection Guide

    Guys, I've set up a very basic site listing URL redirection resources. Feel free to check it and to give le your feedback. http://shourl.free.fr
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    Free/Low Cost Personal Use Email

    Gawab Use GAWAB.COM. It's good and reliable (just change first your domain MX record, wait 2-3 days and sign-up). JF BLANC www.jfblanc.pp.ru
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    Good! Yes they are fast and reliable and yes it take them about one week to set yoour domain up. They don't allow mail forwarding, IIRC.
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    Wanted::5mb, php, mysql, 100mb transfer

    Asian IPs Hello, Just use a proxy server located elsewhere: your "Asian" address IP won't be detected. A good list of proxy servers is available at http://www.samair.ru/xwww/socks.htm BTW, I'm very angry at these acts of anti-Asian (or other) racism. Best regards, JFB
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    Free Secondary DNS ?

    TWISTED4LIFE Hi, I'm using twisted4life (.com) and it's OK. JFB