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  1. Seraphim

    Best way for making money online

    Best way to make money online in my experience has been cryptocurrency and forex trading. The returns can be quite large- but one must be mindful of the risks as well. Never invest more than you can afford to lose, but if you are good at it you'll double or even triple your money easily. Just...
  2. Seraphim

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Will have to try the other themes. Because the default one looks like what happens to my own website when I break the CSS or when the connection is interrupted before the themes are fully loaded. Its awful.
  3. Seraphim

    Windows 2012 R2 DNS problem

    Looks to me like your DNS server is not answering queries. You also apparently have a single DNS server pretending to be both ns1 and ns2- this is a clear violation of RFC2182 section 5 which requires at least 2 nameservers and recommends 3, but no more than 7. I'd check your firewall and...
  4. Seraphim

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    No errors, but it resembles the mangled mess that resulted when my site gets an error.
  5. Seraphim

    Is free hosting dying?

    Free hosting still exists- I still do it and have room for new clients. But most of the legitimate use got eaten up by social networking taking away the need for people to have someone host their blog. I turned off my signup process a while ago because it was a spam magnet and I don't believe...
  6. Seraphim

    offer ways for you to find fun

    I do still play some League of Legends, and regularly revisit obscure korean MMORPGs that I've liked in the past just to see how broken they are. These days I'm mostly playing Factorio, a recent indie title where you are shipwrecked on an alien planet and have to build an automated factory...
  7. Seraphim

    C++ app on linux via PHP

    IF your host allows this since many do not, there are commands in the PHP documentation describing how to launch another process from inside a PHP script. Many hosts don't allow those commands to be used due to the security risks they present. The resulting command could easily lead to a...
  8. Seraphim

    Free WordPress Hosting

    Guys, is it really necessary to post your offers in a year-old thread? By now he's long since gotten what he came for. Several posts don't even comply with offer requirements per the forum rules.
  9. Seraphim

    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    I have to disagree with you on this. A LOT of people, more than ever before, have been upset with Windows 10 in particular. Especially given Microsoft's deceptive tactics in upgrading people, to the point where they have lost lawsuits over lost profits caused by the forced upgrades. Over time...
  10. Seraphim


    Yes I'm still around. The last few times I've poked in here, it has been nothing but spambots shilling the same sorts of overnight hosts that have been around all along.
  11. Seraphim

    Is anyone still using anything below Windows XP?

    Love how people and bots are still replying to a 3 year old thread, but this forum is so ghostly nowdays. Anyway, I've got a real winner here. Its 2016, and at my workplace is a trio of machines running MSDOS 6.22. That's right, 25 year old software. On 25 year old hardware. The hardware...
  12. Seraphim

    Looking for a dedi with native IPv6

    Here's what I have in mind for a dedi in order to revitalize my operations and possibly expand into VM and game server hosting. Lets see whats out there. Xeon Haswell CPU, E3-1230V3 or better At Least 8GB of ram, 16GB preferred At least 2x 250GB HDD- it MUST have 2 physical devices so that I...
  13. Seraphim

    Want to build chat room for my new website.

    IRC is still around and runs on pretty much anything capable of establishing an internet connection. Free clients for it exist for almost every platform, as well as more than a few web clients for people who don't want to or can't install software on their devices.
  14. Seraphim


    Just took a look at my adsense account. It looks like I'm getting around $1 for every 10,000 page views even with adblock. Maybe I should put the ads up on the rest of my clients, at the moment only one of them actually has them despite several being on plans that should have them.
  15. Seraphim

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Oh, Xenforo. So this is what people were complaining to me the other day about. I have to agree with them 100%. This looks and feels absolutely terrible. Days gone by this is what it would look like when Internet Explorer 6 failed to properly parse a CSS and made everything awkward looking.
  16. Seraphim

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Just checking in while I'm around. I've still got your Freevoteusa.com hosted long after most everyone else to have been here has collapsed. Might even have a surviving copy of the dashboard too still standing. But like deeplist realized, the market for web hosting is basically dead. It is...
  17. Seraphim

    Need a webhost with at least 2GB or more space & fast mysql restoration

    Sorry about the bump, this thread is ancient after all. But I am indeed still around. Just at the present time I don't have a lot of capacity left and am only taking on minimal risk clients like game communities and discussion groups. Quite simply the market shifted since I got started, and...
  18. Seraphim

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I'm still here, and my standing hasn't changed. It caught me as a surprise though to catch an email from one of my upstreams that THEY are going out of business and I need to migrate my stuff out before their final shutdown. Unfortunately I was too late to the party to really get very far in...
  19. Seraphim

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I'm here. Somewhere. Uh, how do you calculate the most efficient route from nowhere to anywhere? Maybe anyway.
  20. Seraphim

    Where can I sell idle CPU time?

    Why don't you use it to mine altcoins? There are some out there that are designed specifically for CPU mining, and if your system has a decent GPU you can use that to get a lot better yields. Simply put though don't expect to make more than a few cents a day from this. With 3 CPUs working, it...