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    Primitive/ChargerTek Hosting

    I've used numerous with them. I ran SpikedHosting.net through them, until I took it down. I had OffroadOutpost.net/.com with them, until about a month ago, but I'm currently setting that domain up with them again, as we speak. I currently have MultiPlayLive.info hosted with them, which has...
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    Primitive/ChargerTek Hosting

    Being a user of their hosting for nearly six months now, I figured I would give an overall review. I've been with many different hosting companies throughout my time, and this is by far, the best yet. The support is great, the service is great, everything is great. My experience has been...
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    Hosting Request

    I appreciate the help Slaid, but I'm going with a great past host that I used awhile back. This thread can be closed.
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    Hosting Request

    Well, considering it's going to be running server statistics and a very active forum, I feel that it'll probably be using more than that, but I even think 15 GB's free is a little much, but we'll see.
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    Hosting Request

    I need hosting for a gaming community, which is already up and running, with over 1300 members. The administrator of the site is giving up, so someone is going to have to start another place for the members to converse. 150 MB's 15 GB's bandwidth cPanel Fantastico 10 /features Subdomain...
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    x10Host - 3months and Going STRONG!

    Are these ads forced, or can I place them?
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    OffroadOutpost.net is currently for sale. I'm looking to get atleast what I paid for it, $8.95. It's just the domain, and no, I don't want to trade.
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    Need Hosting for Business Site

    I can start you off free with 250 MB's webspace and 1 GB's bandwidth, until you get going, and we can go from there. If you're interested, send a PM with your email address and domain, and I'll get you setup. We've had what I consider a "bad month" this month, but we're still above 99%, and...
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    Need Hosting for Business Site

    I'm very interested in helping you out. Are you willing to go paid anytime in the near future?
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    Need free hosting wth adds

    Technically, it's not. As a poster, you are just posting a link, when someone does with the link isn't your problem.
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    Free forum hosting IPB 1.3 & phpBB 2.0.14 Instant signup

    If that were the case, InvisionFree.com would've been shut down by IB, but instead, IB does support them. You can do what you want with the old 1.3 license, but that board is very unstable.
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    Yahoo! Webhosting

    I would rather stick with the smaller, more "individual" hosting, as to where I don't feel like I'm in a huge pool of customers, and if I cancelled, it really wouldn't matter. Yahoo is just too big, and it would feel as if they would take forever as far as getting a hosting matter resolved.
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    MechHost Needs YOU!

    I'll help you out, if you don't mind another provider administrator helping.
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    Reseller needed Urgent

    You should check out Charger Technologies, they are awesome.
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    teamspeak hosting

    Check out teamspeakcentral.us. I used to use them, and they were the cheapest I had come across.
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    Please Help Me :(

    If I give you the first month free, would you be willing to pay $2.95 via PayPal or StormPay for the remainder? The 500 MB's webspace and 10 GB's bandwidth is currently our "Starter Package". - Lucas
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    Looking for hosting

    Spiked Hosting can present the following plan: ============================== Spiked Hosting Custom Package + Webspace: 1 GB + Bandwidth: 10 GB + Price: $3.95/mo or $40.00/year | PayPal or StormPay Payment Method | Please PM me or visit our Support Board to get your account started...
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    Looking for hosting

    No, they're saying that everything in your forum is spelled wrong, and all in all, looks as if it's run by a kid. Next, a TOS doesn't only protect you, but it will also let the customer know exactly what they're getting in to.
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    Linux Hosting

    Can I take you up on that offer? I want to see how long you last, and your uptime.
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    Need hosting

    Spiked Hosting can offer the following: Spiked Hosting Custom Package ============================== Webspace: 3000 MB Bandwidth: 100 GB Price: $19.95/mo or $200.00 per year ============================== Features + Unlimited MySQL Databases + Unlimited Subdomains + Unlimited...