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    PNG loading diferent in IE/Fox?

    I noticed that PNG colors ALSO don't match colors in CSS. I noticed this after creating my partial background in photoshop and it not matching when viewed in firefox.
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    Google Hosted MX Records

    Yeah, I just got my application approved. you should contact yahoo if you haven't already.
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    Can google Ads really earn money?

    It's off by a cent.
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    The longest running series (Video Game)

    MARIO HAS BY FAR BEEN IN MORE GAMES ----- 1981 Donkey Kong Arcade 1982 Donkey Kong Junior Arcade 1982 Donkey Kong G&W 1982 Donkey Kong Junior G&W 1983 Mario Bros. Arcade 1983 Donkey Kong II G&W 1983 Mario Bros. G&W 1983 Donkey Kong Junior G&W 1983 Mario's Cement Factory G&W...
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    I don't really care who hosts me right now. I'll contact both of you to see how this script fairs on your servers. Does it matter that I'm not installing it myself? I'm using a auto-installer. Does that matter?
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    If that's TRUE, then WHY THE HELL have my hosts been having such a problem with it?!? gahhhh, this confuses the hell out of me, and I don't know what to do. I don't have a crapload of money to spend on this, but I need the site back up. I'd like to STAY with shared hosting, if possible...
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    giving you the URL would prove useless, because as of this moment, I have no site, because they suspended my account. I'll see if I can ask my host for raw access logs. And another thing, since the beginning of March, my site hasn't even used 1 GIG of bandwidth yet, so I don't really see...
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    I need a WAY smaller VPS than that. as in 500MB-1GB disk & 5-10GB bandwidth
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    no, that's exactly how it was sent to me.
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    I'm not positive what this means, but my host sent it to me: 13375 corizzle 11 0 3508 3508 1400 S 0.3 0.1 0:00 0 /usr/bin/perl nph-proxy.cgi 21784 corizzle 11 0 3512 3512 1404 S 0.3 0.1 0:00 2 /usr/bin/perl nph-proxy.cgi 12224 corizzle 11 0 3228 3224...
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    I was looking at that, and it closely matches what I would need, but it offers too much. The prices are VERY reasonable, but I just don't need that much at this time. I'd love to stay with a shared plan, but no hosts seem to want to deal with this script.
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    It's called CGIProxy, and was created by John Marhsall. Thanks for the link utcrazy, but as you can tell, the amounts of disk space and badwidth i would recieve for far overshadow what i would be using or NEEDING. I don't even really need 5GB of space, but the two shared hosting hosts that...
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    sorry i'm new to this. what's a vps? i just need to be able to use a script that uses a lot of server resources. shared hosting hasn't worked for me, and I need this as quick as possible.
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    Lowest Dedicated Server requirements?

    I don't need ANY MORE than 1GB of disk space and 10GB of bandwidth, and offers I have seen for resellers offer WAY more than I need or am willing to pay for. Please contact me if you have any offers.
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    Need A Great Host Company, Serious Offers Only

    I highly reccommend iiPanel, they are reliable and have fast servers. I've used them before.
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    Does IPB have a free version?

    hmm... shameless plugging. lol. I also have 1.3 & 2.0, I always keep them just in case and they came in handy.
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    Free Music Streaming

    Yeah, it's actually a great service, and you can listen to music ALL the time that you wouldn't normally find online & availible to stream for free. It'd be a good idea to DOWNLOAD THIS NOW.
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    Free Music Streaming

    no, there is no actual transfer of files, it's all streaming, and the data is never COPIED to the recieving machine, just streamed.
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    With Domain Selling My Entire Webspace Name.. OFFERS?

    He doesn't claim to be a host, he's just selling off his current webspace and domain.
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    Hosting Request

    I'm not complaining about your services, they're very nice, I just need a host that CAN handle the needs of the script on their server. If not, then oh well. The ONLY thing I would complain about your services is the support. You claim 24/7, and the front page says "ONLINE" for the live...