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    NBHost -- 1Gb (space) / 5Gb (bandwith)

    Rule of thumb I heard awhile ago and is great advice: Never trust a site that cant even afford a TLD.
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    Free Hosting for websites of ALL Kinds! (100% free!)

    are you asking when it will be back up? Prob never.
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    Free Hosting for websites of ALL Kinds! (100% free!)

    prob gave away too much too quickly.
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    Free Hosting for websites of ALL Kinds! (100% free!)

    nvm. did a history search, got it it was soholaunch website builder. very good
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    Free Hosting for websites of ALL Kinds! (100% free!)

    ha. their account suspended already. damn shame cuz it was great. anyone that joined, can you tell me the name of that site builder they had, cuz it was going to be great (i watched the tuts) it wasnt RVsitebuilder or whatever that one everyone else has its some pro or something.
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    INSTANT activation 1gb, 20gb!

    or you go and find better offers, which there are.
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    INSTANT activation 1gb, 20gb!

    how bout at least 10 mySQL and you have a deal ;)
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    MainVista - Quick Quality Hosting. FREE cPanel Hosting, rVskin, Fantastico, No ADS!

    can we get the specs here, now, withOUT having to sign up first.. like how many mySQL and FTP ect ect
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    Free Hosting for websites of ALL Kinds! (100% free!)

    This would be awesome if it accepted subdomains. You have to have your own domain first.
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    5GB Space 50GB transfer The Free Web Host

    to get 5 Gigs you have to post 100 posts a month. ha. and that is the max you can get.
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    1 Gb space, 100 Gb bandwidth, cpanel, sitebuilder, mysql, ftp, emails

    its not cPanel its some cheap verson iPanel, whatever that is.
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    Free hosting 500 MB - Cpanel - No Ads - Unlimited Account

    2 accounts. one you can only have HTML page. no one has 500 MB worth of HTML. you only get cPanel and all with pro account or whatever, but only get 200MB
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    hey does anyone kno wat happened to www.bbfree.com? first off, they have no support forums, and 2nd they stopped accepting emails for support. my forums went down for no apparent reason, but their site is up, so i tried contacting them but i got an instant reply saying they dont accept emails...
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    wanted: small dedicated game server

    i was wondering if there is any way possible to get free dedicated server or normal server or w/e. not pro with what i am suposed to kno about servers, alls i kno is that i need a game server that can hold up to 6-8 people for a Half-Life mod called Hostile Intent. prefferably in the US and East...
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    Game Server Hosting for 1 Clan\Person

    then this needs to be deleted or locked
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    M.I Offering Free Resellers!

    nope. they will not do free hosting ne more, and i thought they had the best. bastids.
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    x10hosting.com FREE cPanel/Fantastico/RVSkin/2.5 Gigs Space/45 Gigs Bandwidth/PHP/SQL

    except not. they give u 5, count em FIVE MySQL. thats nothing. i can easily use like 15.
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    what is the difference?

    im not great with hosting and stuff. can someone plz tell me the difference between zpanel and cpanel? which is better and wat are the differences? thanks.