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    Free Reseller Hosting

    then do not apply. there are plenty of people who don't want everything for nothing.
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    Free Reseller Hosting

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    Free Reseller Hosting

    Need free reseller hosting? Check FreeResellerHosting.org :-)
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    Read this

    well, registerfly supports E-Gold, but at the moment their registration system doesn't seems to work (I tried registering some domains yesterday, but it didn't work)
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    Help me 1000 Uniques a day

    well, if you don't live in USA then AdSense is the best you can get. But if you live in USA then try Yahoo! Publishers Network, that should still pay a lot better than AdSense.
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    ...I mean...really

    but somethimes there are also good ads that people click:angel:
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    Imagehostin.org - Free Image Hosting

    Imagehostin.org is new free image host with 2 MB file size limit and no registration.:evilb:
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    Need real audio/video,shoutcast enable hosting

    yes, you can't just take some Britney Spears song and play it over the Internet, you have to have permissions to do so. Doesn't every CD have a text that says that you are not allowed to play or broadcast it publicly?
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    Need real audio/video,shoutcast enable hosting

    just wondering, how can you pay to the authors of the songs you stream while you can't even affort to pay few bucks for shoutcast hosting?:confused4
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    Why have you decided run dedi?

    actually you don't need much money for dedicated server, prices have lowered a lot over the years, so now you can get rather good server for even below $100. I am no host and I generally use less than 50 GB of bandwidth per month, but I run a server because of its stability. Over then past...
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    i have specific reqirements

    search engines don't care about your host;)
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    onArcade - New Arcade Script

    onArcade is new arcade script with many cool features. For only $39 you can have your arcade up and running within minutes of downloading. Features: # Easy to use admin panel # Search media # Comments system # Support for SWF, DCR, video and music files # Member area # Pre-loaded with...
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    Mega file hosting script 1.0 released!

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    oxado was good, now their RPC has fallen very low
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    good ads

    and if you live in USA http://advertising.msn.com/msn-adcenter/signup
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    good ads

    from what I know MSN doesn't accept publishers yet
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    good ads

    try Oxado. They seem to be working very well :)
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    Selling domain

    you could try forums like namepros.com
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    "The New Kid In Town": MSN AdCenter

    they can't (at the moment)
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    Clicks... I need Clicks!

    well, Asia may be big, but it is also poor. Why should advertiser try to sell something to someone who has got no money? That advertiser would only lose a lot of money. I know there are also rich people in Asia, but it is just that most of Asians are very poor. (Please note I am not trying to...