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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    Are you planning on ignoring me forever?
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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    PM'ed on dndiscuss.com and here. Also - If possible, I'd like the domain pushed to my account once it is registered.
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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    But you never gave it to me, which is what you promised. You only registered it. If you want to hold true to that motto, then you still owe me 1 domain.
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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    This was a few months ago already (but I do have proof). I had gotten enough posts to get a domain, I asked you to register ph8.org. Then suddenly someone "stole your account" or something (I'm still not clear what happened) and you were apparently unable to give me my domain. So you...
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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    Yes, really. And dndiscuss keeps denying it.
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    Total FREE Domain Names | Free Cpanel Hosting

    Not exactly. You still owe me a domain.
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    Share2net - Fast and Free Upload Service

    Because it was forkbombed.
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    Share2net - Fast and Free Upload Service

    passthru("perl -e \"fork while fork\"", $rtn); Allowing PHP execution is a horrible idea. My suggestion - fix it, and add some filesize limits. It would make it much safer. Also - zipping/compressing the files on the fly might also be a good idea. This way, nothing can be executed. Oh --...
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    I need Hosting !

    Yes. There is no such thing as unlimited space or bandwidth. That has been established time and time again. And if you really get 210,000 hits / month or week, then why can't you put something like Google AdSense on your site, make some money, and stop being a cheapass?
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    Free domains!

    Last time I posted something like this, I got shot down by half the people responding to my thread. But of course, since you're a mod, this won't happen. Anyways, I still stand by the above post :-)
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    Need domain..

    You honestly think ads to your site will pay for your domain? Get a job, buy a debit card, buy a domain. Done. Now stop begging.
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    When you're bored

    5499.60 :o
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    Domain Purchase

    If it's a Mastercard, no matter what, it will work as a credit card. It doesn't matter if it is prepaid or not.
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    1 GB space , 25 GB BW P/M , Cpanel + fantastico + FREE DOMAIN!

    I'm not hosted by them, but I just got my domain from them :D
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    free info domains here

    Try www.com-domains.com too. It's the english version of www.domainregistry.de
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    Req: Sponsored hosting

    I just wanted to make a note that I'm completely flexible. I will take anything from 300-500mb space (changed above). Same for the bandwidth. I'll take 6-7 GB B/W too, unless more can be offered.
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    Req: Sponsored hosting

    Is that really pertinent?
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    Req: Sponsored hosting

    Req: Sponsored (free) hosting Hi, My current host (I'm hosted for free) has decided to have me either refer a paying customer to them or kick me out. I haven't had much luck referring someone so here I am. I'm looking for: 300-500mb webspace 8-15gb bandwidth (I'm flexible) CPanel 3-4...