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  1. DavidsAwesome

    Which Windows versions you like?

    If I had to choose my absolute favorite, it would be Windows 98.... Mostly because of its simplicity and it's stability. XP was good after the service packs. Windows 7 was great right off the bat. The only Windows version I've never REALLY had a problem with was Windows ME. That was a pain...
  2. DavidsAwesome

    How fast is your internet?

    30mbps down. $29.99 a month :) They offer 100 mbps down for $150 a month, but Im not really that heavy of a user. Those speeds are with cable. The DSL service at this address only reaches about 1.5-3.0 mbps. Verizon has FiOS down the street, which offers great speeds at a low cost... But of...
  3. DavidsAwesome

    Windows VPS requested.

    Probably should specify. I don't expect to get the same specs for the same price... Looking for something with decent specs under $15 a month. Under $10 would be ideal, but I know I'm kinda asking for a lot.
  4. DavidsAwesome

    Windows VPS requested.

    Hey guys. It's been a while. I'm looking for a windows VPS. I have one currently, but I want to use it for chat software, and my current host doesn't allow "IRC related content." So, Adult must be allowed. IRC must be allowed. Here's what I have right now. RAM: 1GB Space: 50GB Transfer...
  5. DavidsAwesome

    Feels like xmas was only a few months ago

    Time to start shopping!!! :)
  6. DavidsAwesome

    Do u think I get good sleep

    No. You need like 7 or 8 hours of sleep per day.
  7. DavidsAwesome

    Big B**ty B*tches Song

  8. DavidsAwesome

    Google + (Google Plus)

    I joined.. but nobody else that I know did... so... yeah. I think the hard part is that they're providing something that people already have. With Gmail I joined ASAP because I was so tired of having the 20mb mail limit or whatever they were at the time. It was ridiculous. Now the advantages...
  9. DavidsAwesome

    Learning to drive

    From the sound of things, everything is different in California. I didn't have to parallel park... They don't make us do that. Nobody parallel parks anymore. We don't have to do any emergency stopping or anything of that sort. I failed to yield to oncoming traffic at a yield sign and she still...
  10. DavidsAwesome

    Goat man.. robbing all your stuffs

    I'll never look at a goat the same again.
  11. DavidsAwesome

    internet explorer problem

  12. DavidsAwesome

    Murdoch "Inquisition" by UK Parliament

    I watched a little... James was incredibly professional. I was very impressed.
  13. DavidsAwesome

    Libertyreserve reseller hosting $3/ year.

    Your website simply says "google.com" I trust google. Sign me up, sir.
  14. DavidsAwesome

    Google Plus invite :D

    This thing didnt work. If anyone has an invite, shoot me one. (username) at gmail dot com
  15. DavidsAwesome

    Casey Anthony Not guilty

    So as long as I can hide the body long enough for the body to decompose, I can get away with murder because there will be no evidence? Great. I watched this case from the beginning when we were all hunting for Zanaida Fernandez Gonzales... The ----- lied from day one about everything... Every...
  16. DavidsAwesome

    Google Plus invite :D

    The news said eBay might be the only way... But I wouldn't trust giving anyone money. I put my request in for an invite.
  17. DavidsAwesome

    Happy Birthday Dynash

    21!!! Wooo!!!!
  18. DavidsAwesome

    Is it me or is the reps per day seem lower...

    I can't ever give rep to the people who deserve it... I think our problem is that we dont have enough people worthy of repping.
  19. DavidsAwesome

    What the ----, Seagate?!

    U have integrated video card or no?
  20. DavidsAwesome

    How do I upload my Avatar?

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Ben again. :( :( :(