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  1. Karlo S

    Best Registrar

    Namecheap for sure ! Best support i ever had .
  2. Karlo S

    Small offshore Hosting

    Thanks but i have nothing to hide so this is not needed. Btw i am more than sure that i will be going Glenn's offer ! Thanks for your offers !
  3. Karlo S

    Your business mobile phone...

    Htc touch HD , as it has the biggest screen in class its great for showing off some photos as i am currently a part time paid photog. And WinMo just because, and a flashed rom.
  4. Karlo S

    Small offshore Hosting

    Hello, thanks for your offers. Glenn well the site would be a small forum for investors of a specific forex site . Budget would be up to 50-60$ per year, is that reasonable ? Thanks
  5. Karlo S

    Free 2D MMORPG?

    Tibia ?
  6. Karlo S

    Small offshore Hosting

    Hello and nice to see you again . Well i need an offshore hosting account, 200-500MB max Cpanel - LXAdmin or something similar will do. Bandwidth something you give in a package that you think would suit me (small site low to average hits:tired2:). Would be great if i could put https when i...
  7. Karlo S

    cell phone

  8. Karlo S

    stabbing pains in my chest ....

    That could easily be heart problems , you really should call a doctor .
  9. Karlo S


    Happy Birthday Wojtek!
  10. Karlo S

    .TV domains

    Thats the thing i was thinking about when posting my first post ... Guess how much the renewal fees will be :D ?
  11. Karlo S

    Who do you share your birthday with?

    1032 - Emperor Yingzong of China (d. 1067) 1953 - Roberta Williams, computer game designer 1958 - Ice-T, American rapper, songwriter, and actor 1982 - Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, American rapper http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/February_16th Edit : Nice event :D 1978 - The first computer bulletin board...
  12. Karlo S

    Computer Errors

    I got an error in Solitaire got 2 x 2 heart and the 2nd one disappeared as i was dragging it onto the ace ...
  13. Karlo S

    Post your ctrl+v

    I drank in moderation , moderation Was everywhere i was . but now i am in rehab . Sunday Morning Blues
  14. Karlo S

    What was your first free web host?

    freewebs than anglefire and tripod
  15. Karlo S


    I was haunted by the RedRocket one .....
  16. Karlo S


    God da** it ...
  17. Karlo S

    If you won £3bn, what would you buy?

    Island in the middle of nowhere , invest in a few dozen servers and seed warez off them on that same island that i will name a kingdom . BUY a population of 20 women and be happy :D
  18. Karlo S

    Horror Movie Posters

    Texas massacre one should do for the kitchen .
  19. Karlo S


    Erm im currently putting bullets into my .357 hope it will be a painless ordeal.
  20. Karlo S


    Hehe i just wanted to write that and then saw your post .