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  1. Yellowmc

    [UK] HostPing - Double Disk Space + Bandwidth - 50% Off!

    Hello FWS Users, HostPing have been hosting since 2009 and we've seen it and done it all. We have always offered exceptional value for money but as we've grown, we've delivered the highest quality service available and our clients will back this up! This month, we're going all out! Double...
  2. Yellowmc

    Looking for a Cheap AU Dedicated server

    We work with a company in Australia who handle a few of our clients and I may be able to help but I don't think many Australian providers offer anything around your budget. Costs of pretty much everything are higher compared to US hosts.
  3. Yellowmc

    Need cheap vps

    Best place to go for this - http://www.lowendbox.com/ Get in touch with the providers and ask about their support levels, pretty much all of those on there are unmanaged which means, they provide access to the service and that's it. I don't think any will install customised software for you...
  4. Yellowmc

    [UK] HostPing - Special offers on our Shared and VPS plans!

    Hi, HostPing are a UK based business who have been providing hosting solutions since 2009, we've grown since then and have learnt many valuable lessons which have allowed us to compete at the highest end of the market. Our customers can see the difference. We've got some great special offers...
  5. Yellowmc

    Quote of the day :)

    "God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time." - Robin Williams
  6. Yellowmc

    London 2012 olympic logo

    It just needs a head :lol: : http://www.flickr.com/photos/bravocowboy/530097549/
  7. Yellowmc

    JOKES thread!

    You'll get this if you are a Brit: Q: What's the difference between an Essex girl and an Essex boy? A: An Essex girl has a higher sperm count. If you are from Essex, sorry!
  8. Yellowmc

    London 2012 olympic logo

    That was amazing, I have already seen some work much better than that: As many others have noticed, the logo seems to take inspiration from oral sex.
  9. Yellowmc

    Digital Camera

    I bought a Nikon Coolpix S200 about a month ago for my Dad. He recently came back from Greece where he was staying and for someone who has never used anything digital (except for the TV) he told me it was very easy to use. The camera itself is quite small and has a decent sized screen and takes...
  10. Yellowmc

    New KwiX Design

    Some images are not aligned: http://www.homingsupport.com/images/kwix.png That's using Firefox on Vista, 1024x768 resolution.
  11. Yellowmc

    The image was enhanced with Adobe® Photoshop® Elements software.

    No, Google is also a verb: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_(verb) Will Adobe actually enforce this?
  12. Yellowmc

    Welcome our new moderators

    Congratulations guys!
  13. Yellowmc

    FreeWebspace.net online since 1969?

    No, FWS was online before the internet ever existed!
  14. Yellowmc

    What is your Desktop Theme?

    Nothing too impressive: http://www.homingsupport.com/images/fwsscreen.png
  15. Yellowmc

    Do you have a gun in your house

    Are you telling me you could say no to this? -
  16. Yellowmc

    VPS | 40$ max | Portugal or agood ping

    How about the UK? Ping homingsupport.com and PM me the results.
  17. Yellowmc

    Virginia Shooting

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: That has to be the funniest thing I have ever read in my entire life! Crime = Any act which is punishable by law. Last time I checked you could go to jail for murder or was I imagining that?
  18. Yellowmc

    Do you have a gun in your house

    No gun here, living in England. There are people who have guns obviously but unlike the US, it's quite hard to get your hands on one without being caught. I know for certain that if everyone here had a gun or could get one easily, crime would increase tenfold or even more.
  19. Yellowmc

    Jewlzk [merged]

    Can't seem to get to your website, hope you get everything sorted.
  20. Yellowmc

    Ipod Saves Life

    I still find it funny that people thought the iPod stopped a bullet when you can clearly see the entry and exit holes.