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  1. Nick

    Upgrading XenForo

    I still prefer these.
  2. Nick

    Optimal Sever Specs

    Even though I haven't been active at it for years, my job found out that I once knew a thing or two about web development. I glanced over some tutorials to refresh my memory and wrote a couple database driven applications for the outdated business intranet that automated some daily tasks and...
  3. Nick


    I'm pretty sure I've been using this site since 1998 or 1999, before it even used vB. I've been a member of an online forum for more than half of my life. That's weird to think about.
  4. Nick


    Omg 2001
  5. Nick

    10,000 posts

    ...and now I do, too.
  6. Nick

    Should reputation be anonymous or not?

    Reputation is the dumbest feature ever added to internet message boards.
  7. Nick

    This is an important issue about infractions and rules that we all have to discuss.

    LOUD NOISES!!!! Stupid decapitalization of my capitalization.
  8. Nick

    Yeah! I am NLC

    Nick LeX Coolin
  9. Nick


    In this thread, names I recognize.
  10. Nick

    slang for 'police are around here'

    I like to keep it simple. "----, it's the police."
  11. Nick

    I was personal attcked

    So.... What are you guys doing today?
  12. Nick

    Your favorite movies of 2011

    So far I've seen Fast Five, Battle: Los Angeles, and Thor. Battle: Los Angeles was my favorite because I thought it was interesting that it was more of a war movie with aliens in it than an alien movie with war in it. Fast Five was a close second and I thought Thor wasn't that great. I'll be...
  13. Nick

    Did you watch or go to the Royal Wedding?

    NFL pre-draft and draft coverage was on. No wedding shall ever get in the way of football. Royal or not. :shame:
  14. Nick

    why are

    I went to Atlanta last year. When I was at the big park near the Coke museum, whatever it's called, I couldn't believe how people were coming to the water fountain with full on beach gear and acting like that's where they were. It was both funny and sad at the same time.
  15. Nick

    Happy Birthday Blank Verse!

    I didn't know Blank Verse had some sort of evil twin.
  16. Nick

    What the ----?

    I too, am disappoint.
  17. Nick

    If I were in charge of a popular forum, I'd rule with an iron fist

    There's a sound my post just made as it traveled over your head, I believe it was something like "woosh".
  18. Nick

    Hey Ben

    ----in' n00bs.
  19. Nick

    If I were in charge of a popular forum, I'd rule with an iron fist

    Bans seem pretty weak to me. Maybe death would be better.
  20. Nick

    LOST Series Finale

    May be spoilers at the end of the post, consider yourself warned. I watched seasons one and two immediately after each one came out on DVD. Then I lost interest in the show for three years. Near the end of season five, my girlfriend and I got back into it and started from season one. We...