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    Please help computer problem

    Yah know, not to keep into old topics, but not the first post. See if you are as old as me you would remember the days of threaded messages. The days when NC_TOM was still working on netcabins. Wow, I can't believe I am really posting in here. (I just got an email that there was a reply to...
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    Your Son May Be A Computer Hacker

    Yeah thats from back in the day. Hilarious though.
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    VoIP = wow :)

    I love my voip phone from my company. We use them all in the office. They are great. I have one at home and use the same phone number. I mean just fantastic. Allows me to have two phones, different locations, same phone number. All on the companies tab.
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    It's almost that time of year again...

    Wow, now I have wasted even more time than I thought possible.
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    Welcome back, 4 years, back in the day. Oh wait thats how long I have been here. People still exist in some form or another, of course others we try to lock up in a secret FWS vault.
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    Cigarettes shop-$14.95 for Marlboro, Camel, B&H!!!

    Haha, so ironic that they are censored. Thats awesome.
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    Milan on Fire

    Man, ya'll think you have seen excitement, wait till you hit the epitamy of excitement. It comes either here in the south with Nascar on the radio (hundreds of left turns), or even better golf on the radio. Now that would be exciting.
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    I need volunteer help on my site

    Oh it is no problem. I like people questioning what I am doing, as I think you can learn a lot from it. Right now I am looking for US deals, but that might make some sense, once we get a little larger to expand. I am just not up on the types of markets around the world. If you would be...
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    I need volunteer help on my site

    My goal, is this. Other sites have two problems. SlickDeals, Fatwallet, etc... they cover everything. When you look for a good deal they are either covered with ads, or the deals are mixed with deals on clothes, or sheets. Personally, I had to flip through like 5 pages of deals everytime I...
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    Help! Did something stupid Reformatting.

    You go through an click delete on all the file in my computer? Did you enter dos environment outside of your windows box and type format c:/ ? What steps did you take to reformat?
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    I need volunteer help on my site

    Hey, Just contact me on AIM: NCSUjcs basically it would just be adding pc deals (usually grabbed from dealsites around the net, except our is redone to be original). Thanks for the response. I know it is tough to get volunteer help.
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    I need volunteer help on my site

    Hey, I need some volunteers to help me on my PCShopper.org website. I just need people to help with marketing, need help with posting deals, and need help moderating the forums. We are very small now, averaging about 50 uniques a day. I am looking to grow it though. There is no incentive at...
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    Your signiture?

    Just about two sites, one I own (pcshopper) and one I help run (fedoraforum.)
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    What are you listening to?

    Bruce Springstein - Summer of 69 , transitioning into Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire
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    Your current browser!

    Firefox on my XP box, Firefox and Mozilla on my Fedora Box
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    What do you do?

    Hehe, ok. I just know Gentoo users hate fedora users. Debian is decent though. To keep back on topic, it looks like I will also be running IT for a business supply services company local to me.
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    What do you do?

    I love the McIce and McWater, and jmiller, you better have a good reson for hatin on fedora (my guess is you are a gentoo user).
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    What do you do?

    I am a hobby webmaster. I work as an admin on FedoraForum, run my PCShopper cause I enjoy that kinda stuff, I am an RA at NC State University, and I go to school there. So that takes up most of my time. And I will def be saving my monopoly money then, geez, more paper to keep around.
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    Now see if it was adult turkey site, that would be illegal in several states I think (either that or would only be hot during November for thanksgiving)
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    I have to 3rd it.