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  1. Meksilon

    The Australian response to asylum seekers

    Hi guys, I've been quite dismayed at the Australian asylum seeker policy, and when I read the refugee convention for myself the other day, it has been the tipping point. For those of you who don't know, on Friday Kevin Rudd (prime minister of Australia), announced a new policy: that asylum...
  2. Meksilon

    Review my our site

    Your footer could be improved a lot. The biggest problem with it is contast - below the blue bar, the links are extremely difficuilt to read on an LCD monitor from an angle
  3. Meksilon

    Mixed file extensions and SEO?

    I don't think it makes any difference, but I would agree that consistency is preferable. The main thing is that the page name is meaningful, and preferably using hyphens: page-about-elephants.php for instance.
  4. Meksilon

    RichWP FrameWork - Premium WordPress Theme - FREE!

    I just downloaded my copy so I thought I'd share it with you all! Very good theme, I manage a website that uses this theme - now I have my own copy! Free!! Link Here. Only catch is that you'll be signed up to his mailing list -no great hardship! :D
  5. Meksilon

    Disney Star Wars

    Everyone who wanted to see a 70-year-old Indiana Jones.
  6. Meksilon

    Disney Star Wars

    Sadly Lucas WILL have his hands "all over it", and given Disney's track record at this, they may or may not actually exercise their right to creative control. Actually that's exactly what he's done. Before the sale went ahead, Lucas contacted Hamill, Fisher and Ford and had them all agree to...
  7. Meksilon

    Disney Star Wars

    About time Lucas sold Lucasfilm. Disney, I'm not thrilled about, but hey at least now we have a decent chance of seeing the original trilogy released unaltered on Bluray (one can only hope). As for new movies, well, I'm not convinced this is a good idea until I see it. What would the story...
  8. Meksilon

    Doctor Who mid-season finale

    Not that I'm aware, Steven Moffat is still the senior writer and the producer of the series. I liked the episode, but it would have helped the element of "surprise" if a couple of things were removed from the previous episode, and a couple of things were changed in "Angels Take Manhattan". Is...
  9. Meksilon

    Doctor Who mid-season finale

    SPOILERS ahead. These spoilers concern every episode in this season up to and including episode 5 "The Angels Take Manhattan". Okay, so when Matt Smith took over as doctor I mentioned about the unusual dates in the first episode, we've now come full-circle to rhet rather obvious and...
  10. Meksilon

    How to make on page changes

    Well this is the wrong forum, but on-page you want the structure thus: <html> <head> <title>Whatever Title</title> </head> <body> <h1>Title (or main heading)</h1> <p>Content</p> <p>Content continues...</p> <h2>Sub-heading</h2> <p>Said content...</p> <h2>Another sub-heading</h2>...
  11. Meksilon

    So... I was diagnosed

    Totally agree with all you said. As far as meds go, any meds that are powerful mind-altering drugs IMHO should fall outside the jurisdiction of GP's for anything other than short term use (I'm good friends with a GP, he's well aware of my opinion on this, and I'm well aware how many of his...
  12. Meksilon

    Requesting for cPanel hosting account

    Also he asked for 5gb B/W not 1.
  13. Meksilon


    hotlinking is when another website links directly to a file rather than a page, like image files or video files or music files or zip files, etc.
  14. Meksilon

    I'm looking for some bachelor party ideas

    Lawn Bowles, typically very cheap, ciagars, booze.
  15. Meksilon

    SSL certificate

    A warning window will open every time a viewer goes there telling them the certificate was not issued by a trusted authority.
  16. Meksilon

    This was hilarious, I had to post - You will cry from laughing so hard

    You can only ingest a finite amount before your blood thins and you'll need hospitalization, so yes it's "unlimited" in the sense it's "as much as you can drink". My points exaclty!
  17. Meksilon


    True, however any page that contains a single error in XHTML it automatically parsed as HTML rather than XML in browsers; quirks mode or not (test it for yourself). IE9 displays the XMHTL fine and highlights the source code correclty (whereas Opera and Chrome do not; and Safari doesn't even...
  18. Meksilon

    One Time Pay Hosting

    Simple, you limit the number of free hosting accounts that can be created to account for the amount of space and b/w you can allocate to them on the servers. Look at it this way, I have a number of customers who get a 50% discount where I work. Now is that sustainable if everyone got it...
  19. Meksilon

    How can I find a best wordprees hosting service?

    Well that's what we're here for :)