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  1. tandoc

    Oh my god I can't believe some of you are still here

    I'm still alive people.
  2. tandoc

    Have you ever been punched in the face?

    Yes. Also, I punch children in the face for $20/hour, 6-7 hours a week.
  3. tandoc

    British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

    When certain jobs require you have certain skills? Guess what, you're JUST NOT QUALIFIED. ----. This is where you're really insulting my intelligence: 'I would have bought it'. No you wouldn't have. This is where your 'try before you buy' bull---- comes back. All you do is *try*. You don't...
  4. tandoc

    British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

    I'm sorry, this is even more stupid than the previous post I pointed out. Here's the short of it: You're full of ----. Long version: You weren't brought up to believe 'sharing is caring'; you were brought up in a society with a false sense of entitlement. You want everything, and you want...
  5. tandoc

    British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

    Wow you're pretty stupid. Penalising pirates will not directly influence the quality of games. It will simply make pirates work harder to be more discrete, and games will continue to be ----.
  6. tandoc

    Windows 7?

    What? Seriously? XP and Vista (and 2000?) both had compatibility modes to support legacy software designed to run on their pre-NT releases. I don't think you know what irony means.
  7. tandoc

    Windows 7?

    Party van?
  8. tandoc

    Windows 7?

    Linux is not an OS, ffs.
  9. tandoc

    Windows 7?

    Bought it about a month ago now, I like it. I was running Vista since the start of the year, tried holding out with XP but some games didn't want to run so I bit the bullet. Easily the best part: up and running from format to (almost) everything configured in less than 2 hours.
  10. tandoc

    vBulletin - What the hell!?

    tl;dr if you don't like the move, vote with your feet and wallet and don't buy it. pretty simple.
  11. tandoc

    I read an amazing book!

    ITT: Op discovers reading.
  12. tandoc

    Today, iPhone users rejoice!

    Under my operator's rates I can use $300 of services, when the $300 limit is reached they charge you for what you use... I believe I'm paying 31c flagfall, 37c/30secs, 22.7c to send SMS, Int'l SMS 45c and 45.4c for MMS. I suppose the best part is that I don't get charged to receive calls/texts...
  13. tandoc

    Today, iPhone users rejoice!

    Sadly I'd never use this as the crazy Australian telcos have annoyingly low transfer caps for mobile plans :( I'm currently paying $49/mo for $300 worth of calls and texts and only 250mb of data... I suppose it's better than paying to *receive* calls and texts...
  14. tandoc

    Milf Hunter

    Sorry dude, SILF means something else. You can't just make these things up on your own, there are rules.
  15. tandoc


    this thread makes mind = blown
  16. tandoc

    Inauguration speech

    I'm sorry notnamed. If you're not hungover then this thread has been hijacked and is NOW ABOUT TANDOC REACHING 6000 POSTS! YEAHHHHH
  17. tandoc

    Inauguration speech

    You know, shark meat actually is delicious. Clearly their position on the food chain is adjacent to that of the thickly cut potato (chips, for the cerebrally-deficient among us)
  18. tandoc

    Happy B'day MyfavouritedrinkthatsnotalcoholicMonster!

    Wait... Coffeedude is IYERU?! HAHA, SUDDENLY IT ALL MAKES SENSE.
  19. tandoc

    Random picture thread.

  20. tandoc

    harder better faster stronger

    meme convergence!