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  1. Matt8

    Rule change about unlimited bandwidth?

    Popped in here for the first time in years (?) to comment on this! The web-hosting landscape has changed and now it is a lot more feasible and economical to provide more resources than the olden days where Portland.co.uk provided 100MB of monthly transfer. I have a suggestion: Allow...
  2. Matt8

    Free hosts that you used that are now dead

    Portland, Crosswinds, Brinkster, T35, HostUltra, Homesteads, 9cy?....I remember using all of these to some degree. Ah, those were fun times.
  3. Matt8

    Google Plus invite :D

    Keep trying that same link, mine just worked.
  4. Matt8

    Google Plus invite :D

    I have still not managed to get in...I have been directed to a join page but it doesn't let me past that, keeps telling me over capacity. Bummed! If anyone hears of a trick that gets you in, let me know.
  5. Matt8

    Google Plus invite :D

    I have received an invite. He is using a google doc form to get the addresses; I also was leery but my desire for Google+ was much greater
  6. Matt8

    Google Plus invite :D

    I've received an invite and can access your profile, but cannot actually do anything else or make my own. I'll keep trying.
  7. Matt8

    FREE website html templates

    http://www.oswd.org/ has a lot of good stuff, altho it is mostly pretty plain and basic designs.
  8. Matt8

    sup peoples

    *rubs eyes* Hey, who turned the lights on?
  9. Matt8

    I'm not new.

    I hate to be that guy.... but the IP he is posting from is a different country than the last IP I can find from the real deal. Also, age doesn't match up with the original profile. Edit: That said, I do hope I am wrong!
  10. Matt8


    Happy [late] birthday Tracker
  11. Matt8

    Post your desktop

    I just deleted a few shortcuts so I don't feel bad posting mine.
  12. Matt8

    Remember fws?

    Yeah, I miss the activeness. But I can't say I am near as active as I once was. Kind of a bummer really
  13. Matt8

    I quit

    Get a job...getting laid. and get the job in dubai mind=blown
  14. Matt8

    Honey I'm home!

    Welcome back, you missed......nothing.
  15. Matt8


    http://manbabies.com/ I hope your dreams go really well.
  16. Matt8

    Just got out of the loony bin

    Hope you held tight to the soap.
  17. Matt8

    I'm so amused with this

    I recommend staying far away from this site if you don't enjoy men showing off their genitalia.
  18. Matt8

    Nero 10

    You should check out ConvertXtoDVD. Well worth whatever they charge for it these days if you do avi-to-dvd burns.
  19. Matt8


    I had a lot of similar issues with Firefox. Seemed like the longer it was installed, the slower it got. It ultimately led to me switching to Chrome...
  20. Matt8

    Do you believe in life after death?

    The only way i'll come back is a zombie outbreak...I'm really hoping!