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  1. YourData1st

    Setting Up A File Host On My Computer

    Huh? Jumping the gun just a bit aren't we? I agree with you on the fact that when someone says file hosting they mean public file sharing, but minor sharing of files is different. Just need a little more info from the topic creator before jumping to conclusions.
  2. YourData1st

    Setting Up A File Host On My Computer

    When you talk about people who do you mean, like random anonymous people, or people on your network or organization? There are a bunch of ways to do it with it being as simple as windows file sharing to setting up a full blown php script with authentication. Give a few more details about your...
  3. YourData1st

    Vista, Is it worth it?

    I agree, Vista isn't all that bad, but it's not worth switching from XP. The only reason I switched is for directx 10.
  4. YourData1st

    Additional 'CD Drive' on My Computer?

    "Daemon Tools Lite" is what is creating the virtual CD Drive.
  5. YourData1st

    Free Hosting in 2009

    I agree, customers always seem to bite on the high resources offered by free hosts in return for nothing. Offering sanctuary to customers screwed over by too good to be true hosts probably will be the best method to pursue for hosts that have been around for awhile.
  6. YourData1st


    That's a good idea, but in some cases if windows can't read the partition (which may or may not be the case there) then Linux, or any other pre-boot environment may not be able to read it ether.
  7. YourData1st

    Free Hosting in 2009

    as for me, I've been mostly silent with only minimal advertising, but once I hit I hit the 1 year mark, that will help me edge out the newbies.
  8. YourData1st


    use the widows repair console and run a chkdsk /r /p (you don't have to use the p, but I just like to). This will repair corrupted system files and restore normal booting. I would however take the advice of making an image first. How to know if this method is needed. If you make it to the...
  9. YourData1st

    Domain related problem - can anyone advise?

    I agree :). Just hard to find companies you can trust now-a-days, but when you do it's worth the research.
  10. YourData1st

    Free Host For Sale - 5000 users - Profitable

    if I had an extra 1,500 laying around I would do it for sure. But I don't.
  11. YourData1st


    Welcome to the forum.
  12. YourData1st


    hi there from the US
  13. YourData1st

    Partner Wanted! Failover DNS Service.

    what software are you talking about that can automatically divert records within 30 seconds. There are a lot of free services out there for that.
  14. YourData1st

    I need some help.

    I agree with LSComputers. Send me something and I may invest.
  15. YourData1st

    What happens to domains when they expire?

    on one hand domain squatters pick them up and park them.
  16. YourData1st

    My site HACKED

    Use this tool http://www.mxtoolbox.com/index.aspx to find out if you have an open relay, and if you do, it's the hosting providers fault. You could also make some php test scripts to find out if sendmail or php mail is allowing mail to be sent without authentication.
  17. YourData1st

    Submit form without click

    I would do it in PHP because some people have java disabled...
  18. YourData1st


    hello Nathan, hope you enjoy your stay here. Maybe we can learn something from you since you've been in the biz for so long.
  19. YourData1st


    wow, now that's an intro... There shall be no other to compare. j/k Welcome to the forum.
  20. YourData1st

    A BIG Hi!

    :) welcome to the forum with bigness!