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    Is this a ghost?????

    Thanks for the kind words :) To be honest my life shifted completed both personally, and professionally and I went on an adventure that has lead me to where I am today. Failures should be looked at on a different angle and the experience and knowledge ultimately has led me somewhere. @Peo...
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    Is this a ghost?????

    WOW! I haven't been here in so long I feel very emotional coming back here as it traces the past 7 years of my life. Looking forward to meeting the new people (new for me) and getting back in this forum! :evilb::evilb::evilb:
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    Internet Marketing books

    I write them. I don't read them ;)
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    How to save for your business

    Do some marketing, this brings you client. Therefore, business saved.
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    Guess who's back

    Yeah well piss off, i'm out for another 2 years then. ... Ps: Jason, still got more posts than you after my hibernation.
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    Any reviews of Glacier Host?

    Sean has been there for a while. Definitely someone that can be trusted! PS: Sean, you disappeared on aim!!
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    Serious SEO Tips/Help?

    Perhaps you should hire a SEO company? The off-site SEO is highly important to your success. There are some affordable solutions out there.
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    eMonsterhost.com - Web Hosting Business For Sale | $1,600.00/mo | 180+ Customers!

    Congrats on selling the business! I think $1,600/m for 180 clients is a bit low though personally. I have 12 clients that make me more than that but again i'm not in hosting anymore =P
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    SEO Link Building - 30% OFF

    Are you looking for SEO Experts to boost your website rankings? Stop wasting your time trying to promote your website without getting any results. We have been helping websites just like yours increase their rankings and supercharge their traffic. Best of all, we are based in Miami -...
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    I been looking to adopt one also lately. Most places I found charge between $200-$400 for the adoption and you have to bring the dog back to the vet within 3 weeks to get up to date on vaccines... (More $$).
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    Which is Good for SEO ?

    I haven't had issues with Wordpress and believe me, I review/manage affiliate and monetized blogs on a daily basis. I personally had better results with wordpress than blogger. There are of course additional things that need to be done in order to maximize your SEO.
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    FREE SEO Analysis

    Hey guys, I thought i'd give back to the community after my long time away :) (been busy with life). I am a professional internet marketer working for a reputed firm and would like to offer a free analysis for your website for you to know where you are currently standing and what can be...
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    Yeah! I am NLC

    Yee raised your rank young padawan.
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    Guess who's back

    I never thought i'd say this... from all my years on this forum I've always seen threads like this one. Well, I'm back boys and girls (Hi Jan!). :ninja:
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    Backlink Building

    I can give you guys tips on how to do that. I own an SEO company in Los Angeles, if you need help let me know I'll help you do a keyword analysis and get you up on track.
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    Good bye.

    See ya, thanks for helping save some bandwidth! PS: Hi Jan! Long time no talk ;)
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    How to Make Money with Wordpress

    Checkout my thead here: http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?2239124-Money-with-Wordpress-Noob-Friendly
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    Money with Wordpress - Noob Friendly

    I finally got down to writing an ebook on how to make money with Wordpress and niche sites. This method makes me recurring monthly money and I wanted to share with you guys... it is completely free and is very detailed... completely noob friendly. http://www.justballing.com Any Q's pm me!
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    Another newcomer arrives :)

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    EXCLUSIVE: Dual Xeon E5620 - 56GB DDR3 ECC RAM - 4X 1TB - HW RAID - JUST 1!

    Just 1 of these dedicated servers is available in our Dallas, TX datacenter. Our Dallas facility is SAS Type II audited and features 100% Power Uptime SLA. Processor1: Intel Xeon E5620 Westmere Quad Core - 2.40Ghz, 12MB Cache, 5.86GT/s QPI, HyperThreading Processor2: Intel Xeon E5620 Westmere...