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  1. Koolguy

    Quick Survey

    phpBB, because its free of course.
  2. Koolguy

    New Computer

    I've had good experiences with Asus motherboards, using one of theirs when I built my current desktop.
  3. Koolguy

    Google Search - Did you mean: XXXX

    I get some rather strange traffic from the various search engines (odd since none of the content on my site involves what these people were searching for). Some examples from a recent logfile: Google: meaning of muah? Google: cartoon word by orang Google: places where you can raise...
  4. Koolguy

    Free Domain Name

    Just curious, but what kind of hosting service do you plan on starting? Do you have your own server, or are you going to resell?
  5. Koolguy

    Free Domain Name

    Around four years ago a .com, whose name I forget, offered free domain names in exchange for recieving email ads but they did not last long. It is extremely unlikely you would be able to get a free domain; however, since ICANN (I believe) has opened the domain registry business to many...
  6. Koolguy

    The best and the worst RAM and motherboard in the world

    I built my latest desktop using an ASUS board and Kingston ram. I have had zero problems with this machine and it has remarkable preformance.
  7. Koolguy

    [ Wishlist ]

    Perhaps some background information on the products featured, reasons why you think they should be bought. Some information on the wishlist itself, who created it etc. A page with only a row of pictures tells me nothing.
  8. Koolguy

    1TB email account

    hriders.com is most likely making the correct assumption that most people do not have 1TB of data at their disposal; however, I am sure that a small group of users will prove them wrong, killing this mail service in the process.
  9. Koolguy

    [ Wishlist ]

    I'm sorry but I just don't see the point of your site; if I wanted to buy something I would just go straight to Amazon.com. On the visual side of things I found your site to be plain, spice it up by adding some detail. Come back when you have content.
  10. Koolguy

    Looking for a Program

    Check here http://www.videohelp.com
  11. Koolguy

    Webmasters need to be cautious!

    My website was hit early on the 21st, thankfully we had recent backup files.
  12. Koolguy

    ShoutCast Server

    Shoutcast is server software designed to stream mp3 files, it often used by internet radio stations.
  13. Koolguy

    1TB email account

    Interesting, I wonder if any user will manage to fill up their account? The 1TB of space does seem like a gimmick to me; I don't think this motorcycle group will deliver on their promises.
  14. Koolguy

    PHP/MySQL help

    What have you you accomplished so far on this project? Usually a system, such as the one you are proposing, is quite simple to implement. Basically you will need to accept user input, check to make sure an a user with the same name doesn't already exsist in the database, store the user info &...
  15. Koolguy

    NEW WORM: Update your phpBB's to 2.0.11

    Yesterday my website (koolplace.com) was defaced by a new internet worm. All of my php, and html pages were replaced with text that indicated a defacement. This worm infects sites that use phpBB versions 2.0.10 and earlier. More information on the worm...
  16. Koolguy

    Ways to protect against car theft

    Yeah, I had a cheap deck and some budget subs in there before. It was nothing I was worried about losing and this is why I haven't looked into security before.
  17. Koolguy

    Ways to protect against car theft

    This whole setup its going to be very permanent. Would bolting everything down and intentionally stripping the bolts help at all? It really came up quick, a friend of mine is selling most of his equipment (upgrading) and I haven't had much time to investigate security.
  18. Koolguy

    Ways to protect against car theft

    How hard would they be to install?
  19. Koolguy

    Ways to protect against car theft

    Have an xBox for passengers, I tend to go on quite a few road trips and entertainment is allways nice on the longer drives. Not to mention it its just so amazingly pimping :)
  20. Koolguy

    Cost per watt?

    Of course anybody growing marijuana would not be paying for power. When grow houses are set up an alternate line is often connected to the power coming into the meter in order to steal. This is quite dangerous to do considering the power is live. True it an economics choice for these...