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  1. techsophia

    What is Web Hosting & Domain Name Registration?

    Hi Web hosting Web hosting is a method by which you host your website online on any server or in ordinary language we can say that we used to upload all the places as we do on the local host, from where the whole world It can be used and can see it. Domain name registration Domain...
  2. techsophia

    What is HTML and XHTML

    Hi Here is some basic difference between HTML and XHTML HTML -Start tags are not required for every element. -End tags are not required for every element. -Only void elements such as br, img, and the link may be “self-closed” with />. -Tags and attributes are case-insensitive. -Attributes do...
  3. techsophia

    Difference between Desktop and Laptop

    Hi There are many differences between desktop computers and laptops. Some of them are: Laptops are easily portable While desktop computers are not portable A laptop is the only device in which the mouse, keyboard, screen etc. are included, so the laptop is included in a small space, so you...
  4. techsophia

    what are doorway pages

    Hi The Door Page is a web page designed for spam dioxin, it is to spam the indicator of a search engine by inserting results for specific phrases with the purpose of sending a visitor to a different page. They are also known as bridge pages, portal pages, jump pages, gateway pages, entry pages...
  5. techsophia

    Best keyword search tool?

    Hi Here is some best keyword search tool. 1. Google Keyword Planner. 2. KWFinder. 3. Moz's Keyword Explorer. 4 Keyword Tool. 5. SEMrush. Hope it helps you.
  6. techsophia

    Best Email Service ?

    Hi I don't think any other service better than Gmail because I am also using Gmail and it doesn't give me any problem. Hope it helps you.
  7. techsophia

    Best way to promote my photography?

    Hi I think you have to use social media like facebook Instagram and Google+, it is the best way to promote. Hope it helps you.
  8. techsophia

    What is your favorite car?

    Hi 1970 Dodge Charger R/T
  9. techsophia

    Best Smart Phone in India

    Now this day's IOS is the best.
  10. techsophia

    Best Smart Phone in India

    I don't think samsung is the good option
  11. techsophia

    Best way for making money online

    Hi Here is some best way to make online money. 1. Website Reviewing/Testing 2. YouTube Videos 3. Create a website 4. Online Surveys 5. Online Courses 6. Craigslist 7. Affiliate Marketing 8. Use social media 9. Do freelance work 10.Start a blog Hope it helps you.
  12. techsophia

    Advantages of Business Email Hosting

    Hi Nice, you are doing very good work it is such a nice and impressive information thanks for sharing with us.
  13. techsophia

    Linux vs windows hosting

    Hi Linux hosting Linux is one of the most popular and convenient operation systems. Linux-based hosting provides a graphical interface and an automation tool that is designed to ease the process of hosting a website. It usually comes with a dedicated server or virtual private server to work...
  14. techsophia

    Secrets of Online Business Success

    Hi Here are some secrets of online business success. 1. Find your USP 2. Understand your competitors 3. Focus on customer-friendly design 4. Make customer service your number one goal 5. Make Google Analytics your new best friend 6. Check your website is SEO friendly 7. Content is king 8. Get...
  15. techsophia

    VPS Hosting Or Dedicated Hosting

    Hi Virtual Private Server: VPS hosting acts as an intermediate between shared hosting and dedicated servers, in which it is not shared, as compared to shared hosting, and at the same time a dedicated server has a lot of functionality Offers at cheap and affordable prices. In virtual private...
  16. techsophia

    Different Types of Web Hosting

    Hi Thanks for sharing with us, but I think you missed some other hosts. Hope it helps you.
  17. techsophia

    Which is Good for SEO ?

    Hi I would suggest you wordpress because It's free and easy to use. Hope it helps you.
  18. techsophia

    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    Hello Billboxing will help people who do not have too much money, also giving something for free help's to generate up lots of sales and billboxing is the way to go. Hope it helps you
  19. techsophia

    how do you pay for hosting services?

    Hi Pay pal and credit card I mostly preferred. Hope this helps you.
  20. techsophia

    effective way of seo

    Hello SEO is a very important part of the website, so that search engines can get visibility in the results page. But quality work is very important for SEO, as we all know, "Content is the King of SEO" Therefore, we are very specific and work quality. The most effective On-page Seo techniques...