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    Ad-Free cPanel hosting - Rv skins & Fantastico!

    What happened to your other free hosting Webhost-Warehouse?
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    5 Best Pc games according to you?

    Unreal Tournament '99 Command and Conquer Series Starcraft Call of Duty 4 The Sims
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    The most stable free host?

    So Namepad and Zoomcities are the only free hosts that has been around for a very long time or are there more out there that give decent hosting?
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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    Its the same kind of trend. A free host opens up around January-March and will usually close down before September. Some host fail because of either lack of advertisement, or they eventually are low on funds. Post2Host usually goes down because lack of activity. Some people are usually glad...
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    Free Reseller Needed

    At HostWoot you can get 5GB Space and 20GB BW for only 30 posts per month. You can always upgrade as long as you post. http://www.hostwoot.com
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    Need Free Web Host for CMS Testing

    Try out PostersHost. We been running for almost half a year. All you need to do is to register on our forum and request your web hosting pack once you made 10 posts. Our staff will prepare your hosting account as soon an possible and your site will be up and running in minutes. We only simply...
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    The most stable free host?

    I agree, both Namepad and Zoomcities are very good. They been around for a very long time. With them you are always updated in any event going on.
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    Need One-Time Post to Host

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    Free 20 GB Bandwidth cPanel hosting - Reliable - Half a year in business

    The hosting package is free as long as you post at the forum http://postershost.info/forum/
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    Reliable Hosting

    I have chosen Zoomcities.
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    Reliable Hosting

    im wondering.. you first start with 30mb right? and what is your highest upgrade?
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    Reliable Hosting

    I'm trying to find a host that has been around for 2 years or more that is reliable. Space: 200mb Bandwidth: Decent amount php5 I'm going to be using the space to create a phpbb3 forum for my Cabal online guild.
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    Free host

    any more offers out there?
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    Free host

    I don't mind using post2host.
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    Free host

    I'm going to use the space for a multi clan that I'm starting with a group of friends. (Only Hosts that has been around 1 year or more reply) I need a host that is stable and won't abandon or close down after a while. * No ads * 500MB - 1GB space * Decent amount of bandwidth * MySQL *...
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    Post to Host forums

    I always say that the bigger the community gets, the more revenue you will earn.
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    What features do you need with free hosting, we will get that.

    True most want no ads & no posting but you can do both and make separate plans. Some forum needs the latest version of PHP and Myql. Most people are really picky about wanting Cpanal and having FTP.
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    True lol... Even google is having trouble loading up in some schools. With their comp you have no where to go. I seen teachers giving students the privilege to use the internet but theres no where to go.
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    iPhone officially unlocked!

    :lol: Only thing thats nice about the iphone is that you can listen to music and talk on the phone. Its a nice idea about implanting itunes into the phone but I don't really like it since it kills of the battery very quickly. Right now I have the motorola sliver v7 which has itunes in it and...
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    iPhone officially unlocked!

    I still don't like the iphone even though its unlocked. I prefer the helio ocean better