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    Toe Guy 200MB/10GB - Instant Activation & Free Upgrades!

    Toe Guy Hosting now provides premium hosting services for free! The Zehe plan is instantly activated and the Einfach plan requires admin approval. Zehe 200mb space 10GB data transfer PHP 2 MySQL DBs 2 email accounts 2 hosted domains 1 FTP account Einfach 750mb space 50GB data...
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    Who loves windows 7?

    What I really like about Windows 7 is the Windows XP mode. I remember using Virtual PC in Vista when I wanted to test some applications on XP, but now it feels much better and faster. Overall, I love the look and stability. I didn't realize how great the NT kernel was until a few months ago...
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    Need help advertising

    Since you are offering only paid hosting, you shouldn't put ads on your website. Also, register a .com, don't use a free .tk domain if you want to be seen as a professional.
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    best free service (s) to host and sell my products?

    Maybe you can try hosting a wordpress site and have each post as its own image with a PayPal link. Link to those pages through your facebook page for users to buy. It won't look too good, but it will accomplish what you want.
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    Latest Gadgets this 2011

    your website looks the same on my android browser. But everything loads fine and the speed is good too.
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    Is there anything like this?

    there isn't a difference. In Europe/Asia, they use the comma and in NA they use the period. I actually find the comma better since I use a larger dot to represent multiplication instead of a X.
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    here is a great reference for the kloxo api: forum.lxcenter.org/index.php?t=msg&goto=76461& The third code section gives you the action paramters for creating a subdomain under another domain.
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    Is there anything like this?

    What about paid to click? I think they email you links and you have to visit those site. Not sure how the pay is though.
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    Favorite football Team ?

    for international competitions, it has to be Ghana. for club level competitions, I'm a big fan of Osasuna (Spanish league).
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    Hi everyone, I'm a new member from Ontario Canada. I have a small host and hope to learn even more from the experienced members here. I recently came back from Germany and I already miss it! I will hopefully be back soon after graduation :beer:
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    Internet Speed

    I can't post a URL, but it's 25/7 service with 75gb limit. So I can reach my limit in about 7 hours of constant downloading. Already canceled and will switch to a 30/1 service with 125gb limit. We really get screwed by the providers here in Ontario. I'd be happy with 10mbps and something...
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    Google adwords

    I agree with everyone here, it wasn't that effective. They gave me a free $100 trial bonus and it wasn't that effective. Ended up with a few thousand hits and most did not do anything on the site. Out of that, only a few signups.
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    Is there anything like this?

    I don't think you can make much of an income from those types of services. I still remember all of the free dial-up providers with ads, and they all went out of business. Maybe doing surveys will earn you an income faster?