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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    You missed smallmail.org. Trying to think of others he might have owned, will post if I remember anything.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    It's always better safe than sorry. And thanks, JJW. I'll certainly distance myself from these ones next time.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    Caleb = Johnny. I can confirm that. And thanks (I think), JJW. This is as far as I'll go. I just went on to clear my name off of anything. I don't want to be involved.
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    As for the case with RubyRing, I think Johnny just bought an account from there to host the main site. RubyRing is solid and legit AFAIK. I don't know for sure if Johnny and RubyRing have partnerships, as I've said I've moved out to college so I was infrequently online. Yes, that was my banned...
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    Alright, lemme explain this bit. I can see how this can confuse everyone. I bought the domain revoltvps[dot]com. I was thinking of selling VPSes by reselling VPSes from Equiline before all this KayTech stuff. After only a few days, I gave full ownership rights for RevoltVPS to Equiline...
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    Surely you remember me from a couple of free hosts that died way back. I've quit the hosting industry for good, since eventually anything I set up would eventually fail, and then Johnny/Caleb asked me to manage a couple of servers for him. Eventually our contact died out 'cause I started going...
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    It surely has been a while. Good thing I got out of the business fast before everything went downhill. sarmth, any updates on your FBI case yet? I can confirm Johnny/Caleb is the same person, and that the KayTech/Equiline purchase was just a cover-up just to remove Equiline from "bad press" such...
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    Planet-Free Complete Reload

    In a few days Planet-Free.Info will be changing its name. The new name is still undecided, and a new cPanel server will be coming its way. This is to make room for paid hosting and Alpha Reseller Hosting (may be included, or not). Thanks everyone! Regards, Liam Demafelix Planet-Free...
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    Reliable Hosting - Shared|Reseller|Master|Alpha

    PlanetHosts realizes every webmaster's dream of hosting your websites without the downtime. Our offers are very cheap yet reliable, with cPanel11/WHM and a Softaculous Premium Installer Utility to go with. View Our Offers: http://planethosts.org/ You will never be sorry if you go with us.
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    Free Shared and Reseller Hosting - No Ads!

    Planet-Free offers Shared and Reseller Hosting Services that will suit the needs of a beginner or a professional. With a powerful backend and 99% uptime, there's no way you would be wrong in choosing us. Our Plans: http://forums.planet-free.info/showthread.php?4-Shared-Hosting-Plans -...
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    Free VPS - 512RAM/25GB HD/30Mbit Unmetered

    E-Mail Sent! Thanks for the amazing offer!
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    Free Domain: FreecPanelResellers.com

    aww.. I can't PM you... any reason why?
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    Free Domain: FreecPanelResellers.com

    Can I have it? I will need it for my new host :) Please?
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    Billing Solution project

    I'm kinda new to PHP but I know some stuff. I could go with testing :)
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    Master Reseller Hosting Needed

    Hello FWS community, Can anyone of the webhosts out there provide a free master reseller to me? I can post or put ads on my site. I am asking this because my current Post2Host Master Reseller site, Post2Hostworld is down almost the whole day, yesterday, and even today. Specs: Just a...
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    Planet-Free is Back! Up to 30GB on Resellers, 20GB on Shared hosting for Free!

    Thank you very much! We also put sites with free domains on other servers, cause most abuse come from sites with free domains.
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    Cheap reseller

    I am the admin of Planethosts, and as you can see, webgivers is satisfied with our hosting, he even advertises us! Thanks! I can give a 50% Discount on a semi-annual payment. Just use coupon 50-OFF at checkout and you'll get 50% off!
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    need a host, not a big request! check out!

    I can give you 15GB Storage 150GB Transfer for shared hosting. Just 10 posts per month on our forums, and you're good to go: http://forums.planet-free.info/ or PM me if you want other plans.
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    free whm hosting

    I can put up an offer: 30GB Space for 30 posts a month. Signup at our forums: http://forums.planet-free.info/ and you can get your hosting! We offer cPanel/WHM 11.25 for all our users, and you can setup custom nameservers too.
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    Planet-Free is Back! Up to 30GB on Resellers, 20GB on Shared hosting for Free!

    Yes, Planet-Free is back! With a newly upgraded server + backended by the powerful servers of Planethosts, we can now offer free web hosting to all, even reseller hosting! For just some amount of posts (I really do mean SOME), you can get huge spaces and bandwidth for all your sites, plus...