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    Who remembers the old days?

    Hey atleast 1 person remembers me and says hi! lol Hows it been?
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    Who remembers the old days?

    I know I am not the only one. Oh btw HAI EVERYBODY!!!!!
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    Desktop Running Slow

    Be sure when you were installing the hard drive that one of the ram sticks were not bumped and no longer seated. Is the computer registering all your ram? Did you change what O.S. you are using?
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    tech staff

    When I was in the hosting game I would make sure they had the basics down and then it all fell down to personality. I can teach someone how to fix a server issue or website error. What is hard to do is to teach someone how to be good with customers.
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    Testing testing

    Testing the posting system.... test 1...test 2....test 3... is this thing working? Can you hear me in the cheap seats?
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    1and1 web hosting in the US?

    My opinion has always been the following 3 statements 1. Unlimited does not exist 2. Support the little guy... you typically get better service and a more personal approach from the company 3. Unlimited does not exist 1&1 may be good but I avoid all the major players for hosting (godaddy, 1&1...
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    Need your advice

    I use to do something like this and simply used wordpress and a contact plugin then just have the admins review the email account attached and post what is found on there. However what I found is that you can not monitor and approve posts in a timely manor all the time and thus some of the posts...
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    I ended up in downtown Nashville TN... lots of fun
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    Chrome OS, what do you think?

    I was going to get a chromebook but because of the multitude of things I have to do I ended up getting this... http://www.asus.com/in-search-of-incredible/us-en/asus-transformer-book-t100/
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    So your saying he is just special? :P
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Working on my Porsche
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    Dead webhost?

    On one of my sites I have shared my views on burst multiple times..... I left many years ago and swore I would never go back. I am with you guys tho everyone needs a contingency plan. Not just hosts but clients as well. KEEP BACKUPS!!!!!!
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    Testing testing

    we cant hear you in the back!!!!!!
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    The amount of spam you see on the forum... None... The amount of spam that I and the other moderators see is still a decent amount but much less than I have seen on other forums. Long process to get through and a pain I would agree but overall for the better
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    Any good new films?

    I just watched Escape Plan it was a great movie
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    Any good new films?

    2 guns is a really good movie Contraband is also good
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    As far as I am aware they should still be unless its a glitch or something.... PEO!!!!!! JAN!!!!!!!
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    Dealing with phishers, paypal charge backs

    This is true but its always worth a shot! Whats the worst thing that can happen? Your out the money anyway? :P I personally dont like paypal but its so large that there is not really a choice but to have it
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    Today is my 10th Anniversary on the Site!

    If you are looking for offers then please move over to the paid hosting request section to keep the forum clean.