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  1. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    The book is now listed on the iBookstore and on Barnes & Noble for the Nook. So it is now suitable for the iPhone and Nook.
  2. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    No worries. If anyone wants the PDF version of it, drop me a PM with your email address. Only $1.99
  3. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    LOL. I can provide a PDF version of it if you wish.
  4. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    Hi. Now I see what you mean. Okay. Currently the eBook version of the book is compatible with Adobe Digital Edition, which is free to download from Adobe. The eBook is currently pending distribution to iBookstore and Nook. When this happens the book will then be compatible with all other...
  5. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    Why? LP-Trel, it's an EPUB. Of course it is supported. If it wasn't, it wouldn't be working on my iPad. But the alternative supported platform to read it on is Adobe Digital Edition, which is downloaded for free.
  6. Dan

    The Everyday Idiot's Guide To Web Hosting

    For some people, finding a suitable website hosting provider and uploading a web page can be a daunting task because they lack the Jargon understanding. This eBook, although extremely short, is designed to make it a simplified process. ISBN 978-1-4709-3034-9 Copyright Daniel O'Riordan...
  7. Dan

    I was personal attcked

    Are you ******** Serious? :P Mehehehehe. At this stage in life I couldn't give a rats --- what country is what and who runs it. Ireland is screwed to the gills so was happy to get out when I did.
  8. Dan

    So, since I've been gone....

    Yeah it's a shame that. Have the forums quietened down some?
  9. Dan

    So, since I've been gone....

    How is everyone doing? Lot of new people here I see. Anything exciting or new happen?
  10. Dan

    Menu Not Working Correctly

    Those who were wondering, I fixed this by simply adding a / to: $startpage = $row['startpage']; $href = "page.php?id=$id"; if ($startpage == 1) { $href = "/"; }
  11. Dan

    Menu Not Working Correctly

    Ok, I have most of my CMS done. I have the data being displayed from the database. I also have the code working to create new pages and menu items. However, I am faced with two issues. 1. The menu will not display horizontally. This is not a major issue but would be good for people who use my...
  12. Dan

    1st Birthday Celebrations!!!

    This month, VicHost is celebrating it's 1st birthday, and what a successful year it has been. To celebrate, we are giving you the opportunity to receive a massive 75% Discount RECURRING on any of our hosting plans and on any payment term!!! Our Package and Normal Listed Prices: Order...
  13. Dan


    He got busy. End of story
  14. Dan

    Parse Error

    I am getting a parse error at the end of my document on line 1390. All that's on that line is a closing php tag, ?> Anyone got any ideas?
  15. Dan

    Heat wave

    Here, last year, we got up to 42 Degrees Celcius. This year, they say it could reach up to 49 C.
  16. Dan

    What Windows Versions have you used?

    Windows 95 (hated it) Windows XP (liked it) Windows 7 Home Premium (current and love it)
  17. Dan

    Since I joined FWS

    I wouldn't call it a mistake mate. :) But it wasn't planned that way. Just happened. But no regrets whatsoever. :)
  18. Dan

    Need an Experienced Joomla! Coder

    I am in need of an experienced Jooml! coder to help me finish off a component. It is for a Shopping Cart. I have the Component structure done in MVC, and also a simple shopping cart script in PHP/MySQL. However, I need them both integrated. I would not be expecting to pay a large amount for...
  19. Dan

    VicHost - Quality Website Hosting - Australia

    VicHost offers quality website hosting and design services at prices that you can afford and top quality customer support at no extra cost. Our servers are housed in the excellent and secure PIPE DC2 data centre in Melbourne, Australia and connected to all the major backbone ports throughout the...
  20. Dan

    Since I joined FWS

    Meh: 1. Got involved in hosting 2. Got involved in tricky situations 3. Got involved in more hosting 4. Became a FWS Moderator (not a very good one but still) 5. Resigned from FWS 6. Moved from Ireland to Australia 7. Became a Dad 8. Got Married 9. Have two jobs 10. My father died 11. About to...