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  1. Escalus

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    Fantastic. Thank you Seraphim. Ill make sure to get a post in the correct forum today.
  2. Escalus

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I could really use some help getting basic hosting set up as my presence on the web seems to be growing. Can you point me in the correct direction here for setting up a basic option somewhere?
  3. Escalus

    Hi Guyz!

    Hello!! Welcome to FWS!
  4. Escalus

    Hello all.

    Welcome to the website. It's been here forever, proof that it's worth being part of. Enjoy your stay!
  5. Escalus


    Oh lord, I am glad to be back to this website. Was a Java Developer in the Air Force (US) and now I am trying to find a job in the IT career field while selling phones for Sprint at the moment. I also stream as a hobby and raise a little money on Twitch.tv/0x33 **EDIT** 12 years as a...
  6. Escalus

    New Team Gaming Website

    I like it. Seems to fall right in line with all the other gaming templates out there. Way to be... original. laff.
  7. Escalus

    American Primaries (IA done, NH next)

    Its going to be Obama for me I believe. I really like Romney but I guess you can't be on both sides of the fence.
  8. Escalus

    New here

    Welcome to the forums. Im new here too. We can explore together!
  9. Escalus

    Help choose a logo

    From Thesaurus.com: Some Synonyms: ablaze, aglow, alight, argent, auroral, beaming, blazing, brilliant, burning, burnished, coruscating, dazzling, effulgent, flashing, fulgent, fulgid, glaring, gleaming, glistening, glittering, glossy, glowing, golden, illuminated, illumined, incandescent...
  10. Escalus

    Help choose a logo

    DOH! My bad, for some reason I didn't even pay attention to the name. I thought I saw bright lemon or some ish. Well, in that case, you better duck and cover, sir! *edit* I just read the site and the rest of the posts, and I concur. Brightlemon released 'Bright CMS'. Looks like a name change...
  11. Escalus

    Do NOT drink from hotel glasses?

    Try going to Iraq and spending a year serving your country. You would drink from a toilet without care if you saw the lifestyle for the people of the country, better yet the way we lived. I mean, we didn't live to bad, but I would probably do more than most now and not think twice. Germ freaks...
  12. Escalus

    Help choose a logo

    Negative on the legal action. If that was the case, you would have hundreds of thousands of lawsuits for having a CLOSE name. It wouldn't stand up in court if he could prove that he had nothing to do with it or any sort of influence by it. I say #3 for the logo design (looks professional) and...
  13. Escalus

    Worst Host Names

    I had to add this to my favorites for when I need a pick me up! PS. The server status page is brilliantly disguised as a 404 =D
  14. Escalus

    Joomla hosting during development!

    Sounds wonderful! Let me know how and what to do!
  15. Escalus

    Joomla hosting during development!

    I need some simple stuff. I am going to be developing a website and template/layout for my Joomla website, for a gaming community that has a substantial number of members, just short of 2000 users on the forums, and a VERY active, 200+ members solid in the servers. All I need is: 50mb...
  16. Escalus

    Hi! I'm Bryon!

    BOOOO. It has done a wonderful thing for my life. Of course the Military does have its setbacks, but by god, it can setup someone with limited options on the path to a GREAT life if you utilize the tools given to you, especially for education.
  17. Escalus

    Your thoughts on Joomla?

    Well, if I can find some temporary hosting to do construction of this site that will allow me more access to the database or whatever is required for me to develop this freely without my hands tied, then I guess I will be a-ok. The Joomla CMS is extremely well written and so far seems easy to...
  18. Escalus

    just came across this

    I doubt he will EVER forget that day, on top of the fact his friends think he is King Kong after that.
  19. Escalus

    Your thoughts on Joomla?

    Im already seeing a problem with that exact deal. I can't seem to upload a template because Joomla can not create a folder in the directory that already exists for some reason, allowing for me to install the template.
  20. Escalus

    Insane curve or error in my grades, either way I will take it.

    Very good job man. Keep your headup and your pencil down on the paper and you will get your degrees. The Air Force is paying for my post-grad school right now, (not to mention they paid for my B.A. in Computer Sciences)