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    Need a Free ISP

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    domain hosting / ftp / reasonably reliable

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    30 dollars/year

    http://www.allabouthosting.co.uk/ensim.html Standard plan offers 500MB, 5GB bw, 100 e-mails etc... for $30/yr I'm not a client, just saw it mentioned on WHT
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    Hottest chick?

    Senator Hillary Clinton
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    use the search
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    Are there any dictionary words that rhyme with Yupapa?

    Did he take his nickname from the main sorceress (witch ?) character Yubaba from the japanese animated movie Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (Spirited Away) ?
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    free subdomain with external dns

    have you read this thread ?
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    Problem with F2S.com server (can't access by "domain.com" without "www.")

    It sounds crazy that you have to resort to such "antics" while using a paid host.
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    HOW to get .com.ru???

    no I think your problem is with mydomain, not with RIPN
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    HOW to get .com.ru???

    Just tried digging DNS for elite-designing.net.ru at ns1.mydomain.com and ns2.mydomain.com, and only got DNS query for elite-designing.net.ru failed: Timed out I guess RIPN got the same reply... maybe something is wrong with your mydomain zone.
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    HOW to get .com.ru???

    you should create the zone for ELITE-DESIGNING.NET.RU in mydomain first.
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    Anybody know where one can purchase old movies?

    FYI the FNAC website says that the VHS is not sold anymore. Napoléon Abel Gance A. Artaud Albert Dieudonné H. Krimer VHS 1990 Supprimé à la vente, indisponible.
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    Anybody know where one can purchase old movies?

    In the early 90s there was a VHS edition of the film sold in France by MPM Productions (most probably in SECAM, collection "Les stars ne meurent jamais"). You can check with the big French retailers (FNAC, Virgin) but I bet it's out of stock now. I believe the French pay-TV channel Canal Plus...
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    HOW to get .com.ru???

    But your domain now officially belongs to the dnsau guy...? domain: EIFFEL65.COM.RU type: CORPORATE descr: Corporate domain for descr: Australis Communications admin-o: AUST01-ORG-RIPN nserver: ns1.mydomain.com. nserver: ns2.mydomain.com. nserver: ns3.mydomain.com. nserver...
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    Need Image Host, little space, little everything, just hotlinking.

    http://doramail.com http://www.space-monster.com
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    free hotlinking

    http://doramail.com has 20MB browser upload and hotlinking works. Also netscape.
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    Hey, about make mpeg files into a CD that can be play with DVD or VCD player

    You can try to reencode the mpeg using a lower bit rate which will result in worse quality but lower file size. You will also get a "non-standard" VCD so your DVD player might not like it. ...Or you can break your avi into 2 mpegs and put them on 2 VCDs! http://vcdhelp.com has many good...
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    uh ? I don't understand your question
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    Free Email for your Domain

    http://gawab.com might still do that for you, free
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    A friend of mine tells me he uses this formail script # FormMail Version 1.6 # # Copyright 1995-1997 Matt Wright mattw@worldwidemart.com # # Created 06/09/95 Last Modified 05/02/97...