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    Need Free Web Host for CMS Testing

    I am not the greatest at messing around with PHP or CMS, but I need a host for a few months so I can make a design for and configure Joomla and a PhpBB forum for use in January, or earlier. I would prefer hosting with no ads, but I have no problem with posting for hosting.
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    Best Paid Hosting

    As far as the quota goes... High? I also wouldn't pay any more than $15 a month.
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    PHP? Learning and Use of...

    Thanks. :)
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    British Internet - 2 Warnings for piracy, disconnected.

    I think having internet disconnected is a bit harsh. I pirate things too, quite a bit, but most of it is stuff not available to me in the USA. Examples include British TV shows, less popular foreign music, song remixes, etc. Otherwise free alternatives to some software can be as good, if not...
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    PHP? Learning and Use of...

    As of right now, I am good at HTML and CSS. I wish to learn PHP, but I want to ask what road I should take to doing so. What I'd like to do with it is listed below. I would like to be able to tie the forum into the website. (IE: On non-forum pages of the website where a user can see if...
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    Best Paid Hosting

    My question to everyone is: What is the best paid host? I'm looking for somewhere that is "known" as opposed to some new start up. Big like GoDaddy big, but no GoDaddy. I was using them for a while and I absolutely hated it. So long as it isn't like $50 a month, price isn't that much of an...
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    Free/cPanel 11/Fantastico/Installatron/Ruby on Rails/17 GB Space/Fast Server

    Nothing is perfect, but... SiteFrost is one of the best free hosts out there. Despite rude people, the owner is fair and kind.
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    Host more than 5000 websites : AXSpace.com

    He neglects to say that the actual plan is 100mb (storage) and 1000mb (bandwidth). You only get them double if you enter your site into their website directory. Other than that, the sign up was fast and instant!
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    New design - BBC homepage

    I agree, the BBC Homepage beta is very well designed and would make a good replacement.
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    Why don't they learn English?

    A lot of people make spelling and grammar errors, it isn't just limited to us Americans. Every English speaking country has its own dialect of the language, some countries even have multiple dialects. I used to live in New York and Tennesse, but now I live in Utah. In all three of these...
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    Free Web Hosting: FFMPEG, cPanel, TomCat, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP5/MYsql - No Ads.

    A friend and myself run a Doctor Who fan site together and I wonder if you have a rule about who can have access to the cPanel account?
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    Possibly the BEST Offer in Free Hosting!

    I was able to sign up, but when I log in I get this error: http://www.ispont.com/templates/404.html Anyway, your hosting sounds good. How long have you been around and how long do you expect you will be offering free hosting?
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    BLNetworks Instant cPanel Hosting -- up to 3 GB Space/45 GB Bandwidth

    An ad on your website tried installing malware on my computer...
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    Offering Free TeamSpeak Server Channels

    After you conclude your study, will we be able to keep the channel?
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    FREE Reseller Hosting! NO ADS! High Quality *NEW* Fast Server located at Softlayer DC

    A. Are they reliable? B. Are they the type of host that has been around for awhile or are they the type that is new and wont be here in a couple months?
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    Free webspace needed

    Please consider my request. What I need (all of them are at least): 150 mb of Hard Disk Memory. 4 gb of Bandwidth. 5 subdomains. Pref. Something like Fantastico. No posting, or ads. I would like this space to store anonymous things I do (website like things, not file storage). Sorry...
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    Tables help

    I am having trouble with my colspans... I have no idea where they need to go. This is my code where, oh where does it go?!?!? <TABLE BORDER="0" BORDERCOLOR="#000000" WIDTH="700" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <TR> <TD WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="30">Sample Image</TD> </TR> <TR> <TD...
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    Need Host For Ma File Hosting Site

    No meaning to be rude, but I think he gets the point. You really only need to say 'get a dedicated server' once.
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    Xecutek Free Webhosting || No Posts, No Ads, No Worries!

    It sounds like a good offer, and I sent an application (after 15 mins of trying.) Your email verification thing or whatever does not recognize a lot of email addresses.