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    A lot of free hosts going down?

    If you look at their business model and the rates of shared hosting in general, you should actually be surprised that there are still free hosts around!
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    fatest free host

    Looks to me like a spam. How many hosts have you tested to verify that yours is the fastest? Could you post the details?
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    dedicated server reseller programs or dedicated server affliates programs

    Checkout liquidweb. They offer one month's revenue and 5% recurring revenue. It is just affiliate program, you don't have to offer support or anything. Just refer and enjoy!
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    Is there a market for this?

    $100 is probably 10 times the normal rates, but there are many businesses that wont mind paying that much. In fact many businesses pay that much or more to their web development form for hosting and taking care of their website. There would be market, but reaching out to such people/ business...
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    Infinitie.net - I'm amazed!!

    Who said review and where ??:evilb: Whatever, I guess it is nice to see someone posting a good feedback. Normally people post only if they have a complaint. BTW, I guess server getting back online in 2 hrs time is nothing great. If they had automatic reboot from contorl panel / phone-...
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    What should I pay per month for web hosting?

    $5 -$10 is the normal rates for a shared hosting account these days. There are better hosts charging above $10, also there are hosts that provide hosting for as low as $1 per month. To me $10 looks cheap, especially if you are a small business owner.
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    Low RAM and Connection?

    100 mbps port should really help for high traffic sites. $10 is good rate for the upgrade.
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    anybody aware of cirtexhosting?

    I guess they are above average. Atleast they don't oversell as much as some of the leading shared hosts.
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    Question regarding Windows Server Hosting

    Should cost you a little more than Linux hosting. The real difference is the database actually. MS SQL server can be really costly.
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    wanna find a better host than gator for me with ssh shell

    Liquidweb is a good alternative even though I am not exactly sure about their policy regarding shell access.
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    yeah.. me too think so. I thought OLM.net should have had a page for special offers- not another website - to make it look authentic!
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    LeaseWeb Servers

    Leaseweb is actually a good option if you are looking for a dedi in europe. They are netherlands based and have a good reputation. I had once tried to sign up with them, but had some problems with the payment gateway, as they use only paypal and paypal had limited support for the country I...
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    Server Pronto Prices

    Serverpronto even charges for email support, you should really read the details before signing up. If you are interested in their cheap rates, better get a good VPS from a decent company.
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    cPanel VPS

    A high cost, high qulaity option would be liquidweb. I would recommend godaddy for a cheap VPS.
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    Calls to database

    50 concurrent connections for a shared hosting is pretty good. All your 20 queries in one page is going to be over just 1 connection(unless you make a new connection for each query, which is pooor scripting). Even 50 users online wont make 50 simultaneous connection. 50 connections are going to...
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    REALLY GOOD shared hosting.

    Try liquidweb. Again, hosting is such a field where you are never going to see one host that satisfies all. Even rackspace has got some poor reviews! For bigger hosts, obviously you will hear more reviews, both good and bad. The fact about customer review is that the 1% who has poor experience...
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    How about hostgator

    Hostgator hosts nearly half million domains(stats from thirdparty) and it is natural that they have few unsatisfied customes. But from what I understand, a vast majority of the customers are happy about them and they are one of the best hosts I have tried in my career.(have been associated with...
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    HostHunger anyone use ?

    They look very new and very small. It seems they have just one dedicated server! The uptime status etc. lists only one server which make me wonder if they are selling packages off the single server they own. Another worrying fact is that they don't list a physical contact info. Domain name is...
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    Bravenet/Bravehost - any experiences?

    May be okay for a free service, but never ever use them for a paid hosting. With extremely restricted PHP configuration, long contracts, poor support - one of my client had a nightmare with them. Finally her site was down for a week after bravenet messed up with the domain renewal. Stay away.
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    how to start in webhosting

    Sounds extremely funny :) You may try hosting your free hosting service on another free hosting account :)