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    Next Windows OS

    Windows OS and Windows 8 is same ?
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    Anyone tried FireFox 5 yet?

    no i not tried yet, I'm still on 3.6.17.
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    Firefox or IE?

    I like Firefox with the web developer extension/toolbar, enables you to validate html, css online and offline, turn css on and off, outline block level elements, tables, turn everything on and off, zoom in and out, small screen rendering ... also the colour picker is great. I went from IE to...
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    How do I upload my Avatar?

    how many post i have to get avatar ?
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    What is NLC?

    i have not seen this to any forum.
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    Youtube Live

    i first time heard about this (youtube live) please tall me more about it,
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    Anyone knows how to make Firefox faster ?

    Put your Firefox shortcut onto you start menu. Easier way of doing this is if you have a shortcut on your desktop drag it onto you start button on your button left. Right click on the shortcut in the start menu and then 'Properties'. Find the target section which should contain something...
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    Note to new free hosts

    nice post Sain Cai, thanks for sharing.
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    What is the best way to promote a free webhosting service?

    You can promote it through forums, directories, social sites, blogs, etc.
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    Linux vs Windows - Which is better?

    Linux is better then Windows, i like Linux.
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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    PerlDesk is nice, if you are a small company. It is VERY slow if you have alot of people answering tickets, and have a large client base with alot of tickets in the system.
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    What are the best free web hosting sites?

    hostgator.com myhosting.com weebly.com yola.com blogger.com wordpress.com webs.com these are provide free hosting for a site.
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    Can I earn money by reselling hosting .??

    DavidsAwesome why long answer is no ? please explain it.
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    Post your jokes

    Man1: Knock knock Man2: Whos there? Man1: Bannana Man2: Bannana who? Man1: Knock knock Man2: Whos there? Man1: Bannana Man2: Bannana who? Man1: Knock knock Man2: Whos there? Man1: Bannana Man2: Bannana who? Man1: Knock knock Man2: Whos there? Man1: Bannana Man2: Bannana who? Man1: Knock knock...
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    I got my domain name back :D

    how can u get back it ?
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    So I got a haircut today

    no i just cut my hair last sunday :)
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    What's a good HD Camcorder?

    Sony HDRCX130EB Handycam C....... is the beast HD Camcorder
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    Best Premium Free Blogger Templates By Buymythemes.com

    these are relay very good templates, great work well done, thanks for sharing with us these beautiful templates.
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    Free Quality WordPress Theme | ProjectMania

    wow! very nice themes :), thanks for sharing us.
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    What Windows Versions have you used?

    I'll start on with: Windows 95 Windows 98 (use 2 year) Windows 2000 (use only 1 week i hate it) Windows ME Windows XP ( i love to use xp ) Windows Vista