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  1. J J

    Review my travel blog

    I have had this blog up and running for almost 10 years now, but I'd neglected and stopped updating it. 2020 is going to change that and I'll be doing more travelling this year and I am getting back into getting fit again. Anyways, here's the new travel blog: https://jargoned.com Feel free...
  2. J J

    Forum upgrade

    A little late, and it's been some time, but Xenforo feels much better!
  3. J J

    xenForo it is!

    I, too, like this a lot better than the theme being used before. :)
  4. J J

    xenForo it is!

    Had to switch to the default XenForo theme, as the set default one for this forum is plain ugly (no offense)! I think you should have kept the same styling as the old forum. Black and gray is never a good choice for a theme - unless it's relevant in some way. The main website and the forum also...
  5. J J

    what's your job and what company do you work for

    I work for a digital marketing company in London - specifically doing SEO for some big brands in the UK! :)
  6. J J

    Best keyword search tool?

    This: https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/Explorer?__c=1000000000&__u=1000000000&ideaRequestType=KEYWORD_IDEAS Make sure to set your settings for "fixed" amount of searches, as broad is not considered accurate/usable.
  7. J J

    best free text to speach program

    This: http://www.yakitome.com/tts Though it still sounds robotic. :tired2:
  8. J J

    What is Your Dream Country?

    I moved from London to Asia... so I've experienced both places quite extensively. I'd like to travel to somewhere new. I've always wanted to go to the St. Lucia. My pals have been there and they've posted pictures on Facebook and the place is absolutely gorgeous. Pics: Meh, it's not so...
  9. J J

    Free web templates

    Just some simple web designs that might come in handy for someone: Simple Website Templates :knockedou
  10. J J

    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    Laptop/Computer. My phone doesn't load the pages fast enough, though I'm thinking of upgrading my phone to another that has a faster processor.
  11. J J

    The North Korean issue

    I had the same opinion for a brief period, but I don't know anymore. I've been following the developments closely, weeding through the sensationalism etc, but I'm really not sure about this anymore. Also, they may just be launching the missile to commemorate Kim Il-Sung, like they did in 2012...
  12. J J

    The North Korean issue

    South Korea has raised its threat levels South Korea raises its surveillance alert level
  13. J J

    The North Korean issue

    I've always been interested in North Korea and was wondering if any others were, too. Here are a few very recent articles: Crisis could become uncontrollable History of North and South Korea ("North Korea - a country never at peace") North Korea to launch missile tomorrow South Korean...
  14. J J

    Do you have a smartphone?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S. It's not the best smart phone in the world, but it does its job. I'm looking to upgrade to either the HTC One or whatever Samsung comes out with. Though, I've tested the HTC One, and it seems perfect for what I want. However, I'm reserving myself from spending on a...
  15. J J

    What happened? Why is this place so dead?

    I guess forums are becoming less popular, or from what I've gathered, especially in niche markets like this. I remember when InvisionFree had hundreds of logged-in members at every time of the day; at this point in time they have 7 members logged in.
  16. J J

    So i failed my english test...

    Can you share your answers with us along with the questions? Maybe, we can help in finding the issues you supposedly had with your test!
  17. J J

    trying to add my logo to a wordpress theme

    Just change the bottom part of the page/code to this: <?php } function greenpark2_options() { // Adds to menu add_menu_page('greenpark2 Settings', __('Green Park 2 Settings', 'default'), 'edit_themes', __FILE__, 'greenpark2'); } /* Please leave the credits. Thanks! */...
  18. J J

    So why do people want the iPhone 5? I truly want to know!

    Apple have created a nice image for themselves with the iPhone, they have literally made it the premium brand through advertising and through the cost of the phone itself. But the phone itself is also very nice to use, of course, advertising alone hasn't made it the success that it is. It is...
  19. J J

    trying to add my logo to a wordpress theme

    Ahh, okay, no problem. I found where your footer is located, it's a custom one, and I searched just by looking at your page source, which is what I should have done originally. Your footer is in: /wp-content/themes/cordobo-green-park-2/functions.php You need to delete: <li class="cat-item...
  20. J J

    trying to add my logo to a wordpress theme

    lol You could have placed that in the code tags lol! Okay, I think your theme uses the same one as Wordpress, which is likely why you have that issue. I believe you should be able to find that div in this file: dir/wp-includes/theme-compat/footer.php Could you paste the code for that here...