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  1. HQHost.net

    6 Months Free Shared Hosting Offer

    Winter Special! 6 Months Free Shared Hosting Offer Hqhost.net team wishes you Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year! We wish you the ultimate personal and business success and want to assure will do our best to back up your online business stability and provide with the premium hosting...
  2. HQHost.net

    HQHost.net:High-Performance VPS from $25.95 + Free Panel

    Hqhost.net offers Amazing VPS Deals that will enable you to utilize the power of dedicated server at the fraction of its cost. Each deal comes with such advantages as : *30-day money back guarantee *Same day setup *Initial free setup...
  3. HQHost.net

    vbulletin VPS hosting needed !

    Hello, you may check HQhost.net vps plans: ***VPS1 *** Guaranteed RAM 256MB Disk Space 15GB Data Transfer 250GB Price $25.95 ***VPS2 *** Guaranteed RAM 512MB Disk Space 30GB Data Transfer 500GB Price $45.95 ***VPS3 *** Guaranteed RAM 1GB Disk Space 60GB Data Transfer 750GB...
  4. HQHost.net

    Need hosting with this features

    If you are planning to host a porno streaming project and receive serious traffic, dedicated seems to be a better option. We offer servers at our technical site in NJ just 7 minures from the center of New York. This way you could get low latency for your site visitors. We can offer you a few...
  5. HQHost.net

    ******Dedicated Servers from HQHost.net - As Low As $55.00******

    Get a pre-configured Dedicated Linux Server from HQHost.net. We are offering now : Celeron 2.66 Ghz / 512Mb / 80Gb SATA + 100 Gb of traffic = $55 Celeron 2.66 Ghz / 512Mb / 80Gb SATA + 500Gb of traffic = $70 Pentium 4 3.0Ghz / 1 Gb / 2x80Gb SATA + 500 Gb = $85 Pentium Dual Core...
  6. HQHost.net

    HQHost.net Backup Services

    We are offering flexible backup solutions at reasonable prices whether you need to backup your sites to the shared or dedicated server. No matter which type of backup you will choose, the most important thing you'll want about backup is to make sure your info is kept in a secure and reliable...
  7. HQHost.net

    Webhosting in India

    The forum doesn't seem to be active any longer.
  8. HQHost.net

    need cheap private porxy hosting

    We offer proxy hosting to clients if they provide necessary identity information.
  9. HQHost.net

    ***Summer Special from HQHost.net *** Dedicated Servers As Low As $55.00***

    HQHost.net offers dedicated servers in a new high-performance datacenter in New Jersey at the prices starting from $55.00. We use only rackmountable Supermicro servers to deliver the top-notch dedicated hosting services and minimize downtime. We are offering: Celeron 2.66 Ghz / 512Mb / 80Gb...
  10. HQHost.net

    Nehalem Hosting Solutions from HQHost.net

    Hqhost.net announces the immediate availability of Supermicro servers powered by Intel’s next-generation processor technology featuring its Nehalem microarchitecture.Realizing the fact that Nehalem architecture was designed with the server market in mind, we would like to give our clients the...
  11. HQHost.net

    first apartment

    Do you teach or study?:classic2:
  12. HQHost.net

    what is FTP?

    That's what you need to upload your files to the server. Have you done this?
  13. HQHost.net

    Hqhost.net – Sponsorship for Projects 50 Mbit+

    Hello, I'd like to add that in case your project hasn't reached 50+Mbs, we will gladly offer you the congifuration you need with discount bandwidth pricing and later upgrade you to "Free Hardware + First Month For Free" Package.
  14. HQHost.net

    Dedicated Server Needed

    To the TS, please post here if you have already found a server, I will gladly provide you the config you need and give with a first free month.
  15. HQHost.net

    Hqhost.net – Sponsorship for Projects 50 Mbit+

    We have completed the setup of our new NJ facility and at the moment HQHost.net network includes 1x10 GBS Abovenet, 1x10 GBS Cogent, 1x1 GBS Bandcon, 5x1 GBS Level3. We are happy to offer hardware SPONSORSHIP to any project with bandwidth 50 Mbit+ if you colocate this server at our technical...
  16. HQHost.net

    FI.ST-Free Dedicated Server with cPanel11 Without any forced Ads!

    Up to 14 GB of disk space? Is this virtual or vps? Can't think of dedicated server with 14Gb of disk space.
  17. HQHost.net

    YouTube April Fools Joke!

    LOL - ban as All Fools' Day joke! :classic2:
  18. HQHost.net

    Looking for good dedicated for file hosting site

    For your specific requirements server location will be extremely important, so in case you are looking for USA-based hosting, we can offer a 2-3 day grace period for a dedicated server with bandwidth 10Mbs, 320 Gb of disk space 2 Gb of RAM at $120.00. All our servers are located in a...
  19. HQHost.net

    Web Money

    As a hosting provider we've been using Webmoney payment system for 7 years and didn't have a single failure case. We utilize it for both European and Russian clients. It's much simpler compared to Paypal. Webmoney offers a few levels of user verification. The minus I can think of right now is...