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  1. leatherchair

    Dedicated server needed

    http://www.sa-mp.com/ Assuming this is what he means.
  2. leatherchair

    DomainSite.com = Stupid Domain Registrar. Cheaters

    This is because your script is using mod rewrite, re-writing all your urls. Example, maz.in/anything-here directs to a php page. Check your .htaccess because the script you are using re writes urls for seo. Good luck. PM me if you have questions. I am using domainsite for about 30 domains and...
  3. leatherchair

    NEED free hosting

    hey, why put ads when you dont have to ;) www.e10host.com
  4. leatherchair


    well, my sugestion to you is to use e10Host they offer 1GB+ space with NO ads www.e10host.com
  5. leatherchair

    I need free hosting with lots of bandwith and space...

    e10host could do this but more www.e10host.com
  6. leatherchair

    Free Hosting Needed

    i require NO ads
  7. leatherchair

    Free Hosting Needed

  8. leatherchair

    Hosting needed

    2.5GB space 80GB bandwith $7 per month cPanel Fantastico Unlimited Features! Pm me or contact me via msn: camron@gphosting.org
  9. leatherchair

    NeonCube Internet Solutions

    o, ok. its sal good! nice design though
  10. leatherchair

    NeonCube Internet Solutions

    this page: http://www.neoncube.net/index.php?page=shared is messed up in firefox. the side nav bar is where the text is. all layered on top of each other.
  11. leatherchair

    Wooga Search Engine

    http://wooga.v0w.org/ i edited alot of the php. I got all of the bugs out of its. :) so what do you think of it?
  12. leatherchair

    V0W Hosting- Get up to 1GB space

    before, we used to offer, but then we had 900 warez bot sign ups >:(
  13. leatherchair

    V0W Hosting- Get up to 1GB space

    people. this thread was a while ago. this is the emails i am getting from the idiots above wow, this is amazing. and they expect space. we are hosting alot of people. who is in fault. it says direct on the forums that: i have replied to the guy 2 days ago. he has not replied back. my host...
  14. leatherchair

    Free Windows Hosting?

    lol...hmm i think www.brinkster.com has educational plans 4 free. try them out (its windows)
  15. leatherchair

    Free hosting needed for local town site

    you got msn? aim? msn: catorabi@hotmail.com aim: webfordummies224 1.5GB space 40GB bandwith cPanel Fantasitco Phpbb auto installer (this is a post to keep plan but u dun have to post :wink2: ) i can offer that. easily. no link required. and if you dont have a domain i can offer...
  16. leatherchair

    selling template- $2 (gaming template)

    hello, i am selling this template i just recently made. this is what you get for $2: +Full PSD files (logo,navagation, ect) +Full Html Files (2 pages) +1 licsense on the template here are some pictures of it: http://imagelime.com/images/65237700.jpg...
  17. leatherchair

    Redesigned Site From Scratch////||||\\\

    hmm. so dull. to much blue. and its nice the fash loads fast.
  18. leatherchair


    thanks guys. i already got one. thanks for the help!
  19. leatherchair

    Please Review.....

    great site mr x beets all those lame blogging places with no "community feel" WAY TO GO!