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  1. neftha

    Design Contest >> #1 webhosting | #2 domain | #3 ads

    Never treat people the way you wouldn't like to be treated yourself ... Anyway, you don't deserve any other entries. The way you handle people is below any form of civilization!
  2. neftha

    Looking for webdesign partners

    Hello All, I am looking for other people who like to partner up with me in creating a new template website shop where you can sell your own designs. I haven't worked out the idea for 100 % yet but you could think of something like the shop from coolhomepages.com. I am looking for 2...
  3. neftha

    Selling a website?

  4. neftha

    Selling a website?

    Hello All, didn't know where to put this message so, admins, feel free to place it somewhere else. I would like to sell a website of mine with app. 1000 unique visitors a day (it is an entertainment website featuring a certain female music celebrity). Anyone know how to do that and how to...
  5. neftha

    Scroll-bar problem!

    Hi again, <p> tags do not need to be closed! Infact, it is optional (html 4: w3.org). I don't get any Javascript errors either and the scrollbar seems okay to me (just like it should).
  6. neftha

    Help me assess my situation and make an informed choice

    Allthough they have the money for it, I feel they really don't need it. My suggestion: find a host where you can grow. Some hosts offer both shared as dedicated. In the beginning you won't need a lot of DATA TRANSFER (bandwidth is a different story) ... as soon as your traffic grows, you can...
  7. neftha

    good host

    Well, 100GB data transfer a month for only 10.95? Doesn't seem trustworthy ... either they are overselling or don't have a clue on what they are doing.
  8. neftha

    Very cheap hosting

    :angry2: He was asking for hosting with a maximum price of $15 ... anyway ... discount-hosting is very good but realize you don't have sendmail with them.
  9. neftha


    it might be a good thing to know that bandwidth is something else than data transfer. Unfortunately most people, including hosts, mix up the two terms. I think you are talking about data transfer here ... the amount of data transferred between your account and visitors. For example, if a visitor...
  10. neftha

    Hiding Folders??

    It is not that easy, it will still appear in the directory listing if you go to /cgi-bin. Somewhat strange that this option is active as it clearly can have nasty consequences.
  11. neftha

    Hiding Folders??

    Create a textfile, like htaccess.txt Add this line: IndexIgnore * Save it, upload it to the directory where you want to prevent the listing. Rename it to .htaccess and done! Went wrong? Just upload an empty htaccess.txt and rename it again. For further info about htaccess (it can also...
  12. neftha

    need site help

    A few things: - software: you need to have good software to create graphics. Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. The last one is downloadable (trial) and not very expensive. Photoshop however will cost you app. 1000 $ - practice: fool around with graphics, do a seach on tips and tricks - don't...
  13. neftha

    Help /w Tables

    Make sure you specify height and width for the table cells (exactly the same size as the picture you like to use for the background). Normally spaces shouldn't matter in html ... unfortunately browsers have seperate ways of interpreting things (be sure to check your site in both netscape and...
  14. neftha

    Scroll-bar problem!

    it might help posting a link with such a page ... so we can see what is going on.
  15. neftha

    Opinion on a host...

    He didn't make a mistake, I went to the site myself and saw 50gb on all packages, they probably changed it between our visits and yours. As for the overselling, I do not find it a normal way of business to oversell. Like any other product or service, you can only sell it once, not twice or...
  16. neftha

    Opinion on a host...

    Looking at those prices, they probably have their servers located in a 'zoo' ... maintained by monkeys and zebra's to cut employee costs ... :D Anyway, they can never offer you 50gb for only $5 a month. They probably oversell their servers, hoping that not every client will use the 50gb of...
  17. neftha

    SexualForums.com - Now Open

    Guess they replaced English spelling lessons with sex education :D
  18. neftha

    How to value your website?

    Hi all, not really an offer (yet) ... just a question. I have plans to sell one of my websites. It's a music website (featuring the one and only Britney Spears :) ) with app. 1000 unique visitors a day. The website includes a catchy domain name (both .net / .org), full content, great...
  19. neftha

    Ionhosting down?

    Well, I don't know what the problem is as I can't reach their support and forums. Their website is down too so ... at this moment my websites can't be reached and I am unable to receive or send mail. Time for a new host. They were great for a long time but I guess they grew too fast.
  20. neftha

    registering a domain

    I have domain names through godaddy.com for over 2 years now. Never had a problem and they are cheap.