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  1. zoobie

    lot of "free" space providers where you have to buy a doman first

    It should also be mentioned that some hosts require and retain the rights to domains they've sold you...making it more of a rental than an outright purchase. Make sure this is clear because when it comes time to move, you may find out you don't own the name at all. Yahoo happens to have a $3.98...
  2. zoobie

    Those new free video hosts...

    Dailymotion.com is down right now...let's hope it stays that way. Although their TOS is legit, I think the main goal was to sell down the road. Perhaps that's where the TOS gets changed like myspace.com and they try to assusme rights. I can't imagine any lawyer actually thinking this...but...
  3. zoobie

    Those new free video hosts...

    No need to post then, is there? I think I've found out why. They're hoping to be sold down the road when the TOS is then changed:
  4. zoobie

    Those new free video hosts...

    Hey - Anyone know about these new free video hosts popping up all over the net? What's the catch? To sell your videos to foreign markets that you'll never see? Some actually assume rights... example: www.dailymotion.com
  5. zoobie

    FREE HighSpeed Wireless Internet

    There's always a catch...
  6. zoobie

    Hosting wanted for indy video site...will exchange for...

    What? That template? I don't think an ad is gonna cover 20gigs of transfer...but there are creative ways to get what you want. What other services do you have that you can trade? If worse comes to worse, just shell out a few bucks for space and be done with it. :doh!:
  7. zoobie

    Looking For Space a.s.a.p

    Ah...The "free" hosting scam that's always worked like a charm...because, technically, it wasn't free. But think about it...$9 for the domain and $11 a year is pretty good...if it's reliable...ha ha! :applaudin ogre2 :cow2:
  8. zoobie

    Should I learn PHP?

    Personally, I think PHP should learn TRUNKS...but that's another movie. :P
  9. zoobie

    Select in any order (Javascript)

    Forget it...I've gotten it. :P
  10. zoobie

    Which subdomain?

    I went with baseball-stories.site.com...and yes, I am really #5 in Google...heh heh. Is that what that co.uk stands for? Not too obvious, Captain. :classic2:
  11. zoobie

    Which subdomain?

    Yes...That's a very good idea. Then, I'll write all the search engines and tell them to enter into their databases that bs stands for baseball stories...Then, I'll be #4 out of 13,000 instead of #5 like I am now. Great...:rolleyes:
  12. zoobie

    new a great host

    I new a great host once...:biggrin2:
  13. zoobie

    Which subdomain?

    Which subdomain is best for search engines...or does it really matter? 1) baseballstories.site.com 2) baseball-stories.site.com Thanks a whole bunch :classic2:
  14. zoobie

    How long you believe you gonna be hosted?

    Umm...Did you know entering into a legal contract where the minor has not stated they are a minor is null and void? :D
  15. zoobie

    Newbie In Need of FREE Host PLZ!

    Why don't you just read the other threads here or do a search on the front page? :cool: "Awesome" host...ROTFLMAO
  16. zoobie

    Reliability Needed

    Flatface is hosted off cable in some guys bedroom...He keeps getting suspended from school, so it's only a matter of time before he takes his aggression out by pulling the plug. He enjoys playing "god" by refusing anyone an account...or so I've read by doing a search here. Personally, I'd rather...
  17. zoobie

    wuts wrong with fateback

    PM me with what your username and password will be and I'll try for you....No guarantees. The last time I did this for someone, he conveniently forgot to tell me he was Chinese. Are you one of them thar foreigners? :chinese2:
  18. zoobie

    How long you believe you gonna be hosted?

    What someone said eariler was right...15 year olds have been on the comp for 7 years already...twice as long as myself. It's no wonder the "super-virus" maker is a bored pimply faced 15 year old either. What I said earlier still holds...There's several ways to get quality paid...
  19. zoobie

    How long you believe you gonna be hosted?

    The problem with these great free hosts with their not-so-great features is that most of cool important features have been disabled. They couldn't possibly enable these for free because the little kiddies would abuse the host and bring them down. Only thru paying for an account with a credit...
  20. zoobie

    Is there a host where i can stream one mp3?

    You'd have to prove you own the rights...which you don't. :D