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    sig messed up?

    Preview PMS [ url=]Website[/url ] PMS [ url=]Demo[/url ] PMS Project [ url=http://sourceforge.net/projects/pmsys/]Page[/url ] see the code above? i've put the same in my sig, but my sig is messed up! (without the spaces in the [ url ] tags why???
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    Re: no what is illegal in the US and legal outside the US? we might be able to help you when you say what you want to host
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    Need a free host

    not accepting doesn't make hosting run by kids... maybe flatface.net in run by kids... kids with cars
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    Need a free host

    you know that all paid hosts will accept you :) and whats with all the kids... you must be a kid yourself since you can't pay for hosting
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    FreeHU.com DEAD

    and now http://www.freehu.com thinks that they are on a windows server.... there's no /Program Files on linux :) and it's using frames.... I don't like 404 pages... upload something, a page with 'Hello World' is better
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    I Want to start Free Hosting can u tell me how?

    you can ask at www.webhostingtalk.com how to setup everything... you might want to setup a team to check for abusers, before you open it :)
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    the domain is free?

    I don't think so... http://nic.at says 'Pay' to me, in the english version
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    Livin4.com = FREE = DEAD

    there are people who want to download illegal files like mp3's and warez. but there are more abusers.. the people who signup at (almost) every host they see. I'm sure that you can't have 100 sites and update them.
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    Trouble finding a GREAT FREE HOST, look no further!

    Re: Before we go any futher! you got php safe_mode on? setup open_basedir restrictions? disabled all mail systems for free users? installed suexec and maybe phpsuexec?
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    i6networks.com is it The Best free hosting?

    Advertisements/Popup Ads None (true) ----- Setup Fee Free (true) ----- Monthly Fee $0 /mo (FREE) (true) ----- Storage Space 30 MB (true) ----- Bandwidth Traffic 2000 MB / 2 Gb (true) ----- Hits Per Month Unlimited (true) ----- Duration of Account Life-Time (false, server life-time) ----- Basic...
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    free host w/ postnuke and BBS support

    maybe you can try at madsims.net but you need to have a really good site, really good
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    Lookin' 4 Adult Host

    can you explain what you mean??? 10Kb/min, you mean per second? and 5min uptime.. you want 5 minutes uptime a day or minimal 5 days uptime or do you mean only 5 minutes downtime. if you want a 5 minutes uptime site even i can host you
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    Livin4.com = FREE = DEAD

    what if people abused your server. if i was you, I would delete all free acounts and start a paid plan :)
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    Re: lol sorry about the double posting... but that post you gave us has been deleted. i've seen it 20mins ago. if it isn't a scam, why do they delete posts about it :confused: what do you think about there, stolen, name: Free Host Ultra?
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    i know about 2 scams from a few weeks ago.... they are both gone.. realwebmasters.org / realwebmasters.net grizzlyhost.com
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    no, no, no.... you get it wrong... support forums are there when you don't got problems and nothing to tell. support forums are also used to report that a host is down, but the site he was visiting was on that same server. but the server is down. why do i see this site then when the server is...
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    it's already starting with connection errors.... can't connect to www.freesql.org
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    My own server?

    you should ask macserve he got his site hosted on a mac http://macserve.org
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    my first attempt

    remove those sounds..... my browser is asking me if I want to save those .wav files
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    FWS Junk-i-ness!:P

    did you counted all those 2490 users by hand???