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  1. aggiedude

    Calendar Script that actually looks good?

    Hey guys! So, I am trying to find some sort of Calendar script that can provide me the ability to host multiple calendars for different clients that can then be embedded into a simple static website. I would also love to offer my clients one central portal to hit up say...
  2. aggiedude

    Hosting Needed for Shopping Cart

    I am looking for a very small package - something to the tune of 500mb space and 10gb of traffic, I can no imagine I will have much go on. It is to host a shopping cart and my only requirement is PHP. Looking for a cheap, yet stable host who has been in the business for a few years. aggiedude
  3. aggiedude

    Shopping Cart

    The company is a regional hardware integrator for school districts and small corporations. My understanding is that I can expect accessories such as iPad cases to be the primary items for sale. Everything will be a physical product - no services or digital downloads.
  4. aggiedude

    Shopping Cart

    I am trying to find a cheap shopping cart to integrate on a clients website for the purpose of selling only about 5 items. I have discovered Google Checkout's shopping cart and it allows for my client to add items through a Google Spreadsheet which then automatically gets updated on to the...
  5. aggiedude

    Mega Upload/Send Space Script

    Hi, I am looking to put some sort of MegaUpload or Sendspace script on my web server for internal use within my company for files that are too large to attach to an email. I would prefer that this script be free, however, I do have a small budget I could work with. The script would need to be...
  6. aggiedude

    Looking for a place to host backups.

    I am looking to purchase space to use for a daily incremental backup of roughly 20-25gb of data for a small business. Following the initial backup the regular transfer each day would be roughly 1gb, never above 4gb. I am looking to use a company that has been in the business for many years and...
  7. aggiedude

    How many devices can connect to one Wireless N router?

    I really cant imagine anyone is doing something that is ruining it for everyone else...but who knows? And as far as signal issues go they will occur far away and sometimes literally a few inches from the router...it just depends on the router feels that day.
  8. aggiedude

    How many devices can connect to one Wireless N router?

    I have a DIR-625 by DLink and lately I have been experiencing a lot of issues keeping a signal and internet connection. I think this is mostly because in a matter of 3 months I went from 3 devices to 11 devices. So I was searching around to see how many devices the DIR-625 was supposed to be...
  9. aggiedude

    Vista Basic or Premium?

    I would, but I need the programs now, sadly I can't wait for 7.
  10. aggiedude

    Vista Basic or Premium?

    So I need to get a copy of vista to install on my mac via boot camp. I switched over to my MacBook Pro and realized real quick when I was commissioned for a new website how much I needed some older software that I can't buy for Mac. I tried installing a copy of XP Pro I have (I obtained it...
  11. aggiedude

    Windows Server RAID Monitoring Program?

    I have a server running Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition which is incompatible with Dell's OpenManage Software. I have a RAID 1 Configuration that came already setup by Dell and I want to be able to monitor this configuration to ensure that I know if one of the drives dies so I can pop...
  12. aggiedude

    Hosting Request

    I am looking to find a host for a clients website. My needs are rather small and I am looking for something inexpensive from someone who has been in the business for 3 to 5 years. Since I am going to be suggesting the host to my client I want to be SURE that the host is reliable. My needs are as...
  13. aggiedude

    Anyone used DD-WRT?

    Ok, glad to hear it is working for someone. But regarding the bandwidth - if I am running two N routers would I have roughly 150mbs over 24-36mbs given the higher throughput of the technology? If that's the case I see no problem with the idea - I have a 7mbs internet connection, as long as that...
  14. aggiedude

    The NEW Facebook!

    I think it might be a step in the right direction. At the moment my frustrations are around it simply being different. I am gonna wait a bit and see how I feel in a few weeks though.
  15. aggiedude

    Anyone used DD-WRT?

    So I am looking for a way to boost my wireless network's signal across the house. As I was googling around today I came across DD-WRT. Here is my thought: get a second 802.11n router that is compatible with DD-WRT, put DD-WRT on it and set up DD-WRT to make the router a repeater. This way I can...
  16. aggiedude

    Best Registrar

    Wow. I am not like a GoDaddy fanboy, I just use their services, but I am shocked at some of the stories on here. They have never once given me a problem - they have been professional and courteous - its like they are describing a GoDaddy I have never used. That's interesting though, but of...
  17. aggiedude

    Should I wait for Windows 7?

    Well think about this - Windows Vista is bloated, annoying, etc. but it has at least been through two years of updates. While Windows 7 promises some great improvements that I am personally looking forward to seeing but I am sure that at first it will have its fair share of bugs, etc (as does...
  18. aggiedude

    Best way to create OS Install recovery partition

    Ditto on Ghost. It costs money yes but my hard drive crashed a few months ago and all I had to do was slip in a new drive, pop in the Ghost CD and everything was running as if it never crashed in thirty minutes. So I essentially praise the software now. Haha. And one thing to consider -...
  19. aggiedude

    Best Registrar

    GoDaddy is by far my favorite. Mostly because I chose them after a decent amount of research and since have never regretted it. I use them for hosting/domains/email, I even use their email services to run my companies email accounts. Whenever I call in I get a nice rep who has english as their...
  20. aggiedude

    I won the lotto!

    Thats about as good as it gets!