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  1. Namepad

    What are the criteria for Free Hosting with NamePad?

    I would go ahead and remove me then. We are full, I can not change that. I have though put away some extra free space so I can selectively offer non profits and others room from this as well as other forums and social outlets. When I have space available again to offer to the general...
  2. Namepad

    What are the criteria for Free Hosting with NamePad?

    Well there is a first for everything. deanhill am not going to get into a debate here. We have been around for over 5+ years and we currently do not have any open slots because in our opinion we are full. So I should over load our servers just to accommodate you. No thanks, I will stick with...
  3. Namepad

    Hosting for a cub scout website

    I would be willing to help you . Disk Space - 1000mb Bandwith - 30gb (more if needed) DirectAdmin- Softaculous Joomla 1.5 compatable No Ads, No Posting, No Cost www.namepad.net
  4. Namepad

    IP Board Standard License for sale

    I am not sure I am allowed to post this, if not, MODS please remove. I have an IP Board Standard License for sale. I am looking for 100.00 through PayPal. Current license runs through 8/26. I of course will turn over the full account. I also have a STANDARD Club Membership to SkinBox...
  5. Namepad

    technihost Down Now

    From his blog "We then got 10 new dedicated server orders and ordered them and paid for them. 4 days later we get an email from Burst saying that they won’t set up the servers. We email them back wondering why, and simply asked why won’t you setup our servers? We had paid for them in full...
  6. Namepad

    Non-Greedy Free Host Request for a Personal Website

    Here is what I can do for you. If interested, please visit our site and make the request through our support link. Please list your name, country, and domain. We are only currently accepting requests by invitation only. Please note that this would be DirectAdmin web panel. Disk Space – 1000mb...
  7. Namepad

    Happy Birthday Jan!

    Have a happy B-Day. ........to be 21 again :angel:
  8. Namepad

    keeflex.com? what happen to them.

    IF they were down, they are up for me.
  9. Namepad

    Request for comic fansite hosting

    GoDaddy still offers free hosting for those that register a domain name through them. They won't give you the specs you want, but they still offer it.
  10. Namepad

    Social Security Chekcs (IE: SSI, SSDI, etc.) Is Being FORCED To Direct Deposit

    What are you referring to ? I never said it was called a prepaid credit card. A "pay card" (yes, PAYroll Card,) is what I called it. I do payroll for my company, and we call them pay cards as does the bank that we use that issues the card. it works like a re-loadable prepaid credit card. We...
  11. Namepad

    Social Security Chekcs (IE: SSI, SSDI, etc.) Is Being FORCED To Direct Deposit

    The US has had direct deposit for quite a few years. My mom has been receiving her SSI by direct deposit for about 7 years now. Direct deposit is/was an option along with the paper check. They are going to remove the paper check as an option and go to direct deposit only. More and more...
  12. Namepad

    Your First Operating System?

    My first: Operating system Commodore KERNAL/Commodore BASIC 2.0 http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/Commodore64.jpg
  13. Namepad

    Am I asking for too much?

    My thought has always been that if they need to lie then I do not need them. You are not only protecting yourself but your other clients.
  14. Namepad

    Need a reliable host

    Thanks for taking the time to look, seems your IP is being blocked by the ordering system. Good luck in your search.
  15. Namepad

    Need a reliable host

    Their are 2 free packages listed. DirectAdmin500 DirectAdmin1000
  16. Namepad

    Need a reliable host

    Hows This ? Disk Space – 500 -1000 Bandwith – 15-25 DirectAdmin- Softaculous Auto Installer PHP 5 with Zend , eAccelerator and ionCube PHP Loader LiteSpeed Webserver MySQL 5+ Databases – 5-10 .htaccess cron job safe mode off sendmail enabled No Ads No Posting Required If interested visit us...
  17. Namepad

    Crunch-Host Down???

    This was not due to a hardware failure but failure to pay the server bill. seeing as it has been more than 3 days, not many DCs are going to allow a non paying server to sit idle this long.
  18. Namepad

    Dedicated server

    If your interested. We have a few of these machines in our Chicago DC. We are not listing these on our site. PM or e-mail us with any questions. Core2Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83GHZ w/ 12Mb L2 Cache Memory8 GB DDR2 500 GB Seagate SATA Drive Ubuntu Server 8.04 Network100 Mbps Uplink Port...
  19. Namepad

    If you are 30, or older, you might think this is hilarious!

    Glad to see the "buzz" cut back in fashion.
  20. Namepad

    best program for burning movies

    Not sure this is quite what your looking for, but I have been using 1CLICK DVD COPY for about 3 years now and it has never let me down. It will automatically compress the video to fit on the DVD. You can copy from HD or another drive. The Company also makes Convert Video to DVD if this is what...