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  1. striker

    Uploadho.com: Anonymous Free Direct Files Hosting

    Nice job! But how long do you plan to stay in business?
  2. striker

    I might not jump to this gen in gaming

    Am I the only to whom the opening post made ZERO sense?
  3. striker

    Easy Hosting request for a friend

    my cousin is a personal trainer and runs a simple Joomla based website. A year ago I referred her to siteground.com. It was OK, but rather expensive at 10$/month and she doesn't need so much space/bandwidth at all. Currently, she wants to merge her two websites (both hosted on different...
  4. striker

    the worst part of it all (don't come in if you don't like me / my lifestyle)

    lol molested like a black man 3 times and yet you say it like it's nothing new
  5. striker

    request~20mb space and 50gb bandwidth for manga hosting^^

    i pmed you a very good offer ririn why don't you want it. on second thought, why do you need this? it looks like you already tried dreamhost, and they crapped out on you. And now you are looking for a dedicated server w/ 1200gb/mth transfer according to blood scanlations.com) so why ask...
  6. striker

    What's you Fav. Fast Food

    5 lbs is the PRE-COOKING weight. They used to get me with that one all the time. I always knew that it wasn't really a 1/4 pounder.
  7. striker

    Anything to say about FDCServers.net

    hmm sounds like a good deal. I'll be talking with their sales department soon it seems.
  8. striker

    Anything to say about FDCServers.net

    Does anyone have anything good/bad to say about FDCServers.net?? Is their support OK? Any dodgy business tactics? The prices seem MORE than reasonable (Especially for the VPS Packages), and you can never trust the google search results about reviews these days, you don't know which ones are...
  9. striker

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    happy happy joy joy.
  10. striker

    Snoop Dogg denied entry to Australia

    Snoop Dogg's biography: Release Album about commiting crime,Commit Crime said crime, Get Caught, Plead Guilty, Get Released, repeat cycle.
  11. striker

    Appraisal: ebestlawyer.com

    quite long, maybe XX$ if you are lucky.
  12. striker

    What games are you playing atm?

    Yes I just had my human adjustment final today and anhedonia along with other psychology terms are deeply ingrained into my mind. Sorry for involving you in the lameness! I guess I'll answer the original thread question now. I WAS really hyped about getting a wii and playing SSBB without...
  13. striker


    Hey, I haven't been around for a while but I noticed that under all the text at the bottom of the page: Powered by vBulletin Version 3.6.1 Copyright ©2000 - 2007, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. Copyright © 1996-2006 Per Olof Sandholm. All rights reserved. There is a small square button (which...
  14. striker

    €1 .CN domains

    Can anyone confirm whether you can buy a .cn for 10yrs w/ 10 euro???
  15. striker

    What games are you playing atm?

    Nah, hard to enjoy it (or anything) because your username is Anhedonia. It was a joke. Get it? haha.... P.S. Don't bother w/ Wario Ware, if it's anything like the GC one, it's not worth the money or time. Seen better games on Newgrounds.
  16. striker

    Dedicated Server Req.

    You got something for me or you got something for kurt??
  17. striker

    What games are you playing atm?

    Yeah but I bet it's very hard for you to enjoy it. On a seperate note, I still can't get a Wii here w/o camping out in front of the damn store. Rotten eBay kids keep buying and selling them before I can say Wii.
  18. striker

    Do you have a gun in your house

    No - Canada. "Guns don't kill people, people kill people". sigh. This is like saying "Ovens don't cook food, people cook food". Sorry, but if you wanna bake the pie, your gonna need the oven. Otherwise you have to settle for meat on a stick over a fire. My point is, I never heard of someone...
  19. striker

    Dedicated Server Req.

    thanks but I'm on a strict budget. What I want could be easily had for 100$/mth. I posted here in hopes of finding a special deal maybe that couldn't be found by searching on google. Note also that I'm willing to pay quarterly or yearly if that will bring the price to within range. Thanks.
  20. striker

    need vps for 10$ monthly !

    Actually, they don't kick you if you use too much, but the speed gets to be so slow that you eventually get fed up w/ it like matrixa has become here, and you stop using them. It's a pretty clever system they have.