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  1. belladonna

    What are the bacis things for choosing a good webhosting

    I am genuinely curious why folks are responding to long dead threads instead of starting new current discussions. This thread was begun in 2012.
  2. belladonna

    Which is the best free hosting?

    Which is pretty much what Adrian AND Dotze said a while ago. Repeating the same ideas isn't helping the discussion. Trying to necro a thread from 2017 isn't helping either. Why are you all posting replies to a long dead discission?
  3. belladonna

    Free VPS in 3 locations! Free Forever!

    Your forum is having issues with new account creation.
  4. belladonna

    GoDaddy Discount Codes

    Can only use once per account.
  5. belladonna

    InstaFree.com - The Best Free Hosting. Period.

    Tried signing this evening and kept getting errors for questions that weren't even asked in the form sign up application. Are new signups suspended or something?
  6. belladonna

    Gmail vs Hotmail - Which is better?

    Hate to admit it but Gmail is my default due to how schizophrenic Hotmail/Outlook is becoming. I also use Inbox.com as a backup. I am actually shocked when I come across Aol and Yahoo email addresses still being used, but they must be doing something right all this much time later.
  7. belladonna

    Free Reseller Hosting

    I'm getting a redirect to Gimpsville.com . Interesting...
  8. belladonna

    Faster Host - 1-2 GB disk - 2.5-5 GB BW - 5-10x features

    I wish you well in your hosting endeavors BUT it would incur more confidence in the longevity of your services if you were using a paid .tk domain instead of free. http://my.dot.tk/cgi-bin/whois.taloha?flddomainname=fasterhost.tk
  9. belladonna

    Greenhost give you 50gb space 100gb bandwith and more

    This isn't a personal attack but I am really weary of any host that doesn't at least have its own TLD. I do wish you the best, but...consider going ahead and getting that .com, .net whatever to make your presence that more professional. .Co.Tv doesnt inspire confidence that you're planning on...
  10. belladonna

    ★ 5Gigs.net :: No Ads - No Forced Posting - No Special Requirements - Signup NOW!!!★

    Ive had a site on 5gigs since it opened, the only issue I've had with the account was resolved within 12 hours of posting the issue to the help forum. I've seen others being assisted just as quickly. Not sure why your account was terminated EthanHant, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't due to a...
  11. belladonna

    Large Reseller account not used - giving away free accounts for limited time

    Anyone who takes you up on your offer is being added under YOUR account. So yeah they're agreeing to a short term contract with you under your host's policies. Keep in mind whatever person(s) you decide to help out, its your personal information on record with your hosting company.
  12. belladonna

    Large Reseller account not used - giving away free accounts for limited time

    The reasons that you're not satisfied with this host...would they affect anyone who signed up under your reseller? Thats something potential hostees need to be aware of.
  13. belladonna

    Free,1GB space,100GB transfer,No ads,Cpanel

    Wow...slapped down asap. Hope no user got burned too badly if they managed to get in before the ban.
  14. belladonna

    Free PHP, MySQL, cPanel web hosting

    Erika where are you getting that message error? Im at this host's site and Im not recieving any errors.
  15. belladonna

    Post 4 Host With Us <3

    Im just assuming the "gigs" mentioned in the offer is the space while theyve left out the bw. Peanut you run a MAPLESTORY fansite? 0.o Just how old ARE you?
  16. belladonna

    Free cPanel 11 Web Hosting upto 1GB Webspace/ 25GB Bandwidth

    Wait, did you delete your thread from yesterday when someone posted a complaint about your forum's posting practices??? WTH Something is VERY off here as I posted in that thread and now suddenly my post and that thread is now MIA.
  17. belladonna

    Free 50G No Ads large space of your cPanel X3!

    ....What? Don't bash another country when no insults were lobbed in your direction. My original question was why you were starting a webhost if you were using a russian domain for a chinese site. It looks unprofessional and lends nothing to your stamina as a web presence.
  18. belladonna

    Free Domain Name & Hosting will Great qualities

    No that's false advertising and is very illegal in the country to which the servers reside for THIS forum.
  19. belladonna

    Free 50G No Ads large space of your cPanel X3!

    A chinese site with a Russian (net.ru) domain?