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  1. wswd

    Cheap reseller with external backups

    You know I'm always around. :) :) Not sure about the latency to Holland though.
  2. wswd

    Which managed hosting for PHP is better?

    I think you are confused about what managed hosting is. ServerPilot and Cloudways are not managed hosts. They don't provide hosting at all. They are basically control panels, similar to cPanel, DirectAdmin, etc.
  3. wswd


    Still here too!! There is a lot of blatant spam here, unfortunately. :(
  4. wswd

    What host can host me my blog that can use yahoo "oath" to create account?

    So.....you just want to be completely anonymous and somebody should give you account? How are they going to get you the login information and everything? Smoke signals?
  5. wswd

    VPS server in Europe and in the USA?

    Just look around. There is nothing but spam posts like that here, unfortunately. :(
  6. wswd

    Which is the best free hosting?

    Why are you spewing your garbage on a FREE hosting forum? This forum is about free hosting, not paid hosting.
  7. wswd

    Low End Machine

    As long as you aren't running a ton of plug-ins or a super busy site, 256mb of RAM is more than enough to host WordPress sites.
  8. wswd

    Low End Machine

    Depends on the server configurations. A VPS on a low-spec server is likely not going to perform anywhere near as well as a shared hosting account on an high-spec server. Plus you have to remember, with shared hosting, you are almost always (perhaps even 100% of the time) getting a control...
  9. wswd

    Low End Machine

    LAMP stack for a small website, DNS server, all sorts of things. :)
  10. wswd

    DDoS Protection

    It is definitely one of the biggest issues for sure.
  11. wswd

    DDoS Protection

    It's not bad.
  12. wswd

    best server type for game website with lot graphics?

    Depends on your resource usage. Generally speaking, shared hosting is just fine for most websites.
  13. wswd

    DDoS Protection

    Probably not...no, as most residential IPs don't take DDoS attacks. If they do have some sort of protection in place, continued attacks are going to result in you being terminated. Other than DDoS? Redundant power. Uptime SLA, single-homed network (instead of a blend), slow upload speeds on...
  14. wswd

    DDoS Protection

    Hosting a server from home is a VERY bad idea, unless you're just doing it for a personal server for a hobby as such. You can buy remote DDoS protection that gets filtered to your home IP, but it's not cheap.
  15. wswd

    Free host with FAST MySQL?

    We offer all our hosting (including MySQL on SSD) and Litespeed web server. It's definitely going to be fast.
  16. wswd

    Changing DNS all time

    No idea what you're asking here. Can you clarify at all?
  17. wswd

    Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

    No attacks. Servers have already been patched.
  18. wswd

    VPS Specials! Free DirectAdmin, cPanel for $5

    Super VPS Savings Free DirectAdmin, Webuzo, Softaculous, or KernelCare. cPanel for $5 Applicable on any Non-Budget Los Angeles or Dallas OpenVZ SSD VPS w/ 1GB of RAM or greater, or theCLOUD Free DirectAdmin Discount Code: DAFree cPanel $5 Discount Code: cPanel5 For Webuzo, Softaculous...
  19. wswd

    InstaFree.com - The Best Free Hosting. Period.

    Merry Christmas from InstaFree!! To celebrate the holidays we are giving away Amazon Gift Cards, premium hosting, paid TLDs and more!! Join the InstaFree family today, for your chance to win! Find out why we are the best free host in existence! Why are people raving about InstaFree? It's...